Six Horse racing myths you should stop believing

Horse racing is one of the most famous and oldest games globally. It has a vibrant history. As the popularity of any sport rises, it gives rise to spiritual superstitions and myths. Fans start to relate the outcome of a race with some ages-old traditions and myths. For ages, fans have believed that peanuts are bad luck for the race, and they used to keep even the smell of peanuts away from the horse. But since its inception, betting odds have been a crucial factor in assessing a win or a loss.

Today, we will burst such myths here:

1. Back the Grey on a rainy day

Every diehard fan of horse racing must have heard this myth before. But there are no facts behind it. Fans have long believed that grey horses are at the peak of their strength when it rains and the ground is muddy. However, no evidence supports this claim; the colour of a horse and rain cannot control its performance. So, you better stick to its form rather than its colour. And if you fancy some betting, don’t forget to keep yourself acquainted with some betting tips

2. Bet on the bookie’s favourite horse

Most beginners make this mistake; they bet on the favourite. The favourite is the horse that receives the most bets from the punters. But statistics have something else to say, only one-third of the races are won by the punter’s favourite. Check out to explore Randwick Guineas betting odds for the upcoming event.

3. Thoroughbreds are difficult to control

Thoroughbreds are not difficult to control, but people deem them challenging. Some horses have gained a bad reputation among the crowd because of their temperament. At the same time, some jockeys claim that they are very calm. The bad temper of a horse doesn’t only depend upon its kind. Instead, focus on the last five races’ statistics and bet wisely. 

4. All Jockeys are short

The height of a jockey is irrelevant, with the jockey’s weight much more relevant.. There is a weight restriction because obviously, the horse will face difficulty while running, and it may cause injuries too. This factor is primarily the reason why tall jockeys are hard to find. They find it challenging to make their way into this sport because the taller the jockey, the heavier the body! 

5. All kinds of horses can race

We know horses are powerful creatures, and they can sprint at a considerably high speed. But when it comes to racing, thoroughbreds are the best. If the lineage of these horses can be traced to one of three original stallions, they qualify as authentic thoroughbred horses. They can run because they are bred this way.

6. Horses younger than 3-year-old cannot run

This theory is the biggest misconception among people; they think it is cruel to make a horse younger than 3 years old run because they aren’t mature enough. Australia is the home of 3YOs & upwards race, the George Ryder Stakes. According to a study conducted on 117,000 horses, horses that started racing at 2 years old had a considerably longer and better career than those who began racing later.

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