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English is a widely used language. We all know that it is the official language but the complications of the language are not hidden from the language speakers. Common English confusions exist in the language which puts the learners in doubt.

Most importantly, English is filled with words that sound alike, look alike or even both. It is very easy to get confused between those words and sometimes, one gets embarrassed by using the wrong word at the wrong moment.

You are here means you are struggling with the same. But don’t worry, this article will reduce one of the most common confusions; sale vs sell.

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Using these two words interchangeably is a common mistake. We often listen, read and speak these words but still are not able to do it perfectly. The main issue is that these two are homophones, which means they sound alike but their spellings and meanings are different. Sale is used as a noun means an exchange at a decreased or discounted price whereas, sell is used as a verb which indicates giving something in exchange for money.

For example:

  1. Get A List of the Biggest Upcoming Online Sales in 2024
  2. The Black Friday Sale is starting tomorrow, is your wish list ready?
  • Riva is selling water bottles in today’s football match.
  1. Is she going to sell her house to a business tycoon?

You might have got a fair idea of the difference between these two. However, understanding the concept will help to learn it in a better way.

Difference in Part of Speech

The function of words in the sentence i.e. their part of speech is the difference.

Sale is a noun, whereas, sell is a verb. Sale refers to an instance or act that offers discounts on things or a completed transaction called a sale. On the other hand, Sell can also become a noun when its meaning is similar to sale. For example,

  1. His pitch was convincing, but the final sell took some negotiation.
  2. The success of the product ultimately depends on its marketability and the effectiveness of the sell.

When to use Sale and when to use Sell?

When you want to use the word as a noun, then using Sale is correct and it names an event or occasion. On the other hand, when a verb is required to be added, then Sell is appropriate. Also, consider that when you want to refer to a method or act of selling that involves persuasion or convincing with the use of words like ‘difficult, hard, tough, easy’ then use Sell.

For example,

  1. The annual sale starts tomorrow.
  2. Diya sells insurance for a living.
  3. It will be a hard sell, but I trust in our Sales
  4. The car’s sale will be finalized after the money is transferred.
  5. All cosmetic products will be 25% off during the sale.

We use two prepositions to write sale in a sentence, on sale and for sale.

For Sale or For Sell?

You likely come across this phrase a lot. It can be hard to decide if you should use a noun or a verb in this phrase because both seem okay. But the right choice is “for sale.”

On Sale or On Sell?

This could be my favourite saying when it comes to picking between “sale” and “sell” because I’m a fan of good bargains. Similar to the example mentioned earlier, when something’s price is reduced, we say it’s on sale.

The Trick to Remember the Difference

The word having an ‘a’ in (Sale) can be remembered with the word auction which is a specific type of sale. On the other hand, the word having ‘e’ in it can be remembered with the word exchange because here we exchange something for money.

What Are the Right Usages of Sale Price and Selling Price?

Sale Price: It is the discounted price of a good or item that is available for a limited time frame. For example, the usual price of Lakme Foundation is Rs599/ but Mega Sale Price is Rs550/.

Selling Price: It is the price at which something is sold or we can say it is the actual price at which a good or an item is sold. For example, the broker asked Rs 1,00,000,00 for the villa but the eventual selling price was Rs 90,00,000.

Usage of Sale in Different Sentences

Sale is used with adjectives, verbs, nouns, and prepositions.

For example, if we talk about adjectives in the sentence:

  1. The car is priced for a quick
  2. The shop is having a large sale.
  3. Flipkart is looking forward to its Winter sale.

Examples of Sale with verbs in sentences. For example,

Our house sale made $4500.

The family is trying to halt the sale of their ancestral house.

Examples of Sale with nouns, for example.

  1. What is the sale price?

Use of Sale with prepositions:

  1. He bought the branded new smartphone at the spring sale.
  2. Her house is for
  3. The new iOS smartphone is finally on

Examples of usages of Sell in Sentences

  1. I had a beautiful white bridal dress, but I had to sell it for financial assistance.
  2. It is high time to sell the car.
  3. The shopkeeper asked the salesman, “How many books did you sell?”
  4. Rita only sells women’s clothing.
  5. They sell bananas by dozens.
  6. The nearby grocery store sells processed food.
  7. The Wine Shop applied for a license to sell alcohol.

Used with verbs:

  1. Duncan wants to sell all his automobile collection.
  2. She was unable to sell his house.

Used with prepositions:

  1. The shop sells vegetables at lower prices than other vendors.
  2. The concert tickets sold out within hours.
  • They are selling off their old books, clothes and furniture at a clearance sale.
  1. The family agreed on selling up and moving to a smaller apartment.
  2. After spending his entire lifetime, he decided to sell up and live a retired life.

Used with nouns:

  1. The company sells robots.
  2. The store sells tickets.

Quick Summary of Sale vs Sell

Sale is a noun, whereas, sell is a verb. Sale is used when something is sold at a discounted price. It is also referred to as an instance of a completed transaction or offering things for purchase. It is used in phrases, for example, for sale and on sale.

Quiz: Sale vs. Sell

Question 1: Fill in the blank with the correct word.

She grabbed a great _____ on these shoes at the mall today.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 2: Choose the right word to complete the sentence.

The mall is having a huge _____ on electronics this weekend.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 3: Pick the correct term for the sentence.

Can you _____ me that old scooter you no longer use?

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 4: Complete the sentence with the appropriate word.

The automobile dealer is trying to _____ off last year’s models at a discounted price.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 5: Insert the correct term to make the sentence accurate.

During the vacation, many shopkeepers have a special _____ on gifts and decorations.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 6: Determine the appropriate term to complete the sentence.

The painter decided to _____ her paintings directly to painting lovers through an online exhibition.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 7: Fill in the blank with the correct word.

I can’t believe the implausible _____ I got on this brand-new fully automatic washing machine!

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 8: Choose the right word for the sentence.

The company’s decision to _____ its old equipment led to a significant financial gain.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 9: Complete the sentence with the correct word.

The real estate agent was determined to _____ the house at the highest possible price.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell

Question 10: Pick the appropriate term for the sentence.

After 3 months of negotiations, she finally agreed on the terms of the _____ of the business.

  1. a) Sale
  2. b) Sell


  1. a) Sale
  2. a) Sale
  3. b) Sell
  4. b) Sell
  5. a) Sale
  6. b) Sell
  7. a) Sale
  8. a) Sale
  9. b) Sell
  10. a) Sale

We hope that all the doubts are cleared. If you still have any queries, you can message us in the comments section. To practice more, we have given a quiz for you. We have also given the answers to the questions, if you score less, make sure you read the article again to gain competency and command over the topic. Then again, go for the quiz. After reinforcing your knowledge, feel free to retake the quiz to gauge your improved command of the subject. Your commitment to learning is commendable, and we encourage you to make the most of this opportunity for growth. Happy studying!


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