PUBG Sets To Relaunch In India With The Reliance Jio Help


It has been quite three weeks since PUBG Mobile has been banned in India, however, the most recent PUBG Mobile Relaunch Date in India is following abreast of the web. Are you actually curious to understand the PUBG Mobile Relaunch Date in India? The sport which was outlawed alongside 117 other Chinese apps is overseeing its way back to the state soon with a confirmed PUBG Mobile Relaunch Date in India. But, when exactly?

PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite were banned in India alongside 116 other applications, having an immediate or indirect reference to China, at the start of September. Both the apps of PUBG Corporation are already faraway from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Just after the announcement, the sports authority broke its ties with Tencent now, sources are pointing towards the talk between PUBG Corporation and Jio to distribute the sport within the coming days across India. For your information, at the time of the PUBG Mobile Lite launch in India, both the businesses were partnered in 2019. So, if any deal is signed, it’ll not for the primary time.

A source pointed, “The deal is in an early stage, which began just next to the government’s second round of bans. Officials from each side are understanding the contours of the way to structure various models of the deal.”. As per one more source, “Legal experts from each side are exploring chances on how revenues should be split, whether it might be 50:50 or Jio guaranteeing PUBG revenues supported a tuff and fast number of users monthly,”

It’s sure that the PUBG Corporation has become super active to relaunch PUBG Mobile also as PUBG Mobile Lite in India. But as per the Indian Ministry only breaking the ties with Tencent isn’t enough for that, because the Chinese company wasn’t the sole reason to impose the ban. So, they have to repair all the issues to relaunch in India.

PUBG Mobile Relaunch Date in India: Game to Comeback Next Month

As per unofficial sources and media, the PUBG Mobile relaunch date in India will be 24TH. October. However, no official statement has been updated so far. The PUBG Mobile Relaunching Date in India is something everyone is looking for. Some of the media sources like Sportskeeda have kept it transparent that 24th October is not the final date.