Powerful HONOR 20 Pro


Powerful HONOR 20 Pro
Judging from all the HUAWEI HONOR series, HONOR 20 Pro has been upgraded in both appearance design and equipment performance. HONOR 20 Pro is called the top flagship version of HONOR series. It is a noble series in HONOR family. No matter from the appearance design or functional design, it reflects its aristocratic temperament. Therefore, people will have doubts about the price of this HONOR smartphone. They think it will be high. Don’t worry. Here are some functions of it.

1-The Double-Layer Diaphragm Presents a Dazzling AppearanceĀ 

HONOR 20 Pro uses the second generation of precision double-layer diaphragm technology. This makes the mobile phone have both Highlight and Color diaphragms. And in the Highlight layer, HONOR 20 Pro uses a more precise processing mold. This makes the Highlight layer have a more precise “sharp peak angle”. This structure enables the whole back shell to produce a pure and deep three-dimensional mirror effect. The whole back of the mobile phone has both dazzling light and shadow and high-grade texture. HONOR 20 Pro added Color layer. The second auxiliary color can be realized in the Color layer. With the addition of the second auxiliary color, the product presents a gradual color change vision. This makes the product more gorgeous and dazzling. It creates a new generation of magic mirror texture.

2-High Screen Proportion

HONOR 20 Pro has chosen a 6.26-inch “Phantom Eye Full Video” solution. “Phantom Eye Full Video Screen” uses the method of screen punching to hide the camera in the LCD screen and integrate it with the screen. Screens accounted for 91.7%. The camera under the screen is located on the left side of the signal bar in the upper left corner of the screen. It avoids the core area of the screen display. When resting on the screen, the front is a simple and pure screen. Off-screen fingerprint and rear fingerprint are the mainstream unlocking schemes. HONOR 20 Pro adopts the design of integrating side power key and fingerprint identification. This makes the fingerprint identification key more hidden and exquisite. The design of the side fingerprint of HONOR 20 Pro takes into account the integrity and aesthetics of the whole machine. It shows HONOR’s young attitude of being brave and being himself.

3-HONOR’s Strongest Camera Phone

The camera function of HONOR 20 Pro is upgraded in a straight line in HONOR series. It was the first in the HONOR family to send DXO to the test and got 111 points. HONOR 20 Pro supports 0.6 X-30X high range zoom and 3X optical zoom. It can cover 17-776mm focal length. The rear camera of HONOR 20 Pro further breaks through the distance limit. Through technologies such as dual OIS four-axis optical anti-shake and support of 204800 ultra-high ISO sensitivity in professional mode, it can meet various shooting needs of professional photographers.

4-Kirin 980 Blessing Configuration GPU Turbo 3.0

In terms of performance, HONOR 20 Pro is equipped with–Kirin 980. It is the world’s first flagship processor with built-in dual NPU. Its AI recognition rate increased by 120%. 75% increase in CPU performance. Energy efficiency has increased by 58%. GPU performance has improved by 46%. In addition, GPU Turbo has made “great contributions” to the improvement of HONOR’s mobile game experience. It has been upgraded by 3.0. GPU Turbo is a kind of hardware and software cooperation graphics processing acceleration technology. It breaks the boundary of software and hardware. It reconstructs the traditional graphics processing framework at the bottom of the system. And it realizes software and hardware cooperation. This improves the overall efficiency of GPU graphics operations. While the image quality and performance are improved, energy consumption is reduced.

The above four points show all the strengths of HONOR 20 Pro. The vast number of users are most concerned about the price of such a powerful mobile phone. HONOR 20 Pro adheres to the fine tradition of HONOR smartphones price. It has the advantage of high-cost performance.