Peachy Essay Review


In my opinion, finding the right custom writing service provider is probably one of the most challenging tasks that you will have to go through when you need academic writing help. I have been employed for the past 19 months as I pursue my Master’s in nursing, and I can tell you that it has been one of the most challenging phases in my life.

TO be precise, I always feel tired, yet I need to attend to my job, my family, and my different academic obligations. It seemed quite manageable in the first month since I did not have many assignments to get done, and we were not too busy at work.

Then things took a turn for the worst, and the coronavirus pandemic struck the world. Not only did this increase the number of hours that I needed to work, but it also shifted my learning to strictly online classes.

This is not the most significant challenge, however! Since I still needed to work, I fell behind on my assignments and schoolwork, which left me feeling stressed out by the second and third months.

I failed to hand in two assignments and a discussion post that will most likely negatively affect my grade. I had no choice, and I needed to find help very fast. I can tell you right now that my first attempts at finding writing help online were terrible.

The first company that I found charged incredibly high prices for their services, and it was not reasonable for me to hire them since I could not afford to! The second company I hired was quite fair when it came to pricing, but I received an inferior paper clearly written by an individual who had no clue what they were doing.

They went ahead and charged me for the work, but it was clear that I could not submit such trash to the university. I made a couple of more attempts and ended up frustrated. I had no choice, and I had to find help or else drop work or school.

That is when a friend referred me to Peachy Essay. This review is based on my honest and real experiences working with the company, and I hope that it will help you make the right choice when looking for a trustworthy essay writing company to help you on your various assignments.

Is Peachy Essay Legit?

Before choosing any essay writing service provider online, you need to ask yourself this essential question’ ‘Is the company legit?’. Based on my experience, I realised that many writing companies on the online platform purport to offer high-quality writing services at an affordable fee.

Here is the catch! It seems that academic and article writing is a very lucrative business in the modern world where students like myself are too busy to write their papers. For this reason, many individuals have embraced the opportunity to make a killing.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals are not genuine and are only interested in taking your hard-earned cash and in turn, give you poorly written plagiarised essays that could potentially harm your chance of ever graduating.

After a few bad experiences, I finally decided to give this company a try upon referral from a very close friend of mine. I must admit that I was impressed with them right from the offset.

I got immediate assistance on their website and was also given the various terms and conditions for using their services. I took a small while reading the company’s history and the various testimonials left behind by past clients. What inspired me the most is that the company has been in existence since 2007 and could not spot a lousy review apart from a few insensible ones that seemed to have emanated from competing parties.

I could quickly tell that this company has helped numerous students with their academic papers and that most of these students were satisfied with the quality of work produced by the team.

Is Peachy Essay reliable? 

I could tell from the word go that Peachy Essay was not a scam and could potentially get the help I was looking for completing my numerous assignments. I checked out the services advertised and chose what I needed.

I then placed the order with the hope that I would not be disappointed like I was when I tried out other writing services that I had found online. The first assignment was a short discussion that I would have quickly completed but didn’t have enough time. I placed my order, indicated that I needed the work in five hours, and went to work.

I could not help but wonder if I would ever get the work on time. I had met so many unreliable writing companies, that I felt my doubt in Peachy Essay was justified. I kept checking my email during short breaks, to ensure that my work was handed in on time. Four hours later, I received a notification that I had a new email. I took a short while to check, and sure enough, my work had been sent to me an hour before the deadline.

I had to read the discussion post very fast since it was very busy at work. During my lunch break, I went ahead and perused through the paper completed by a writer from the company. I must admit, I was impressed.

Right from the start, I could tell that the writer had clearly read the instructions, and conducted enough research to write the discussion. The writer went ahead and used proper and up-to-date references throughout the paper, which was quite impressive.

The language used was easy to read and understand, and I could quickly tell that a native English speaker completed the paper. The writer was also very professional in the way he formatted the work and organised the various points. I was smiling all the while and felt confident that the company is true to their word.

So, is Peachy Essay Legit? 

I concluded that Peachy Essay is a legit writing company that delivers high-quality work written from scratch. I was impressed by the fact that they can come up with good academic papers within a short deadline if your essay is almost due.

I was charged a fair price for my work, and the writer took their time to conduct proper research and include the different citations for all the references used. The company was also very accommodating, and I found their customer support system quite supportive.

I would highly recommend this fantastic writing company to any student who needs help getting their assignments done by a professional, reliable, and student-oriented writing partner.