New Product Design: Why It is Important


Product design is one of the most important features of building a great product. In fact, it dominates the product-building process because great design sets companies apart and gives them an edge over their competitors.  

Regardless of your role in the product creation process, you need to clearly understand product design and development. That’s why award-winning design studios like Future Factory are helping businesses to transform with innovative consulting.  

What is New Product Design 

New product design refers to a process of identifying the market opportunity and consulting market research. It further involves identifying the problem, developing a solution, and validating it with actual users. 

Almost all good product industrial design is linked with design thinking. Why? Because it helps in focusing on end-to-end product development along with the design phase part.  

Every company needs new product designs for its growth. Factors like changing consumer behavior, insatiable consumer appetite, strong worldwide competition, and technology are responsible for companies investing in new product designs. 

If a company does not invest in the new product design, its survival in the market will become difficult. 

Here’s why new product design is necessary: 

  • Increasing competition in the market 
  • Risk of diversification 
  • Changing consumers and needs 
  • Technological advancement 
  • New opportunities for growth and development 
  • To use the excess capacity 
  • To increase the company’s reputation

New Product Design Process 

Now that you have understood product design, let’s check the design process. 

The process of new product design involves a series of steps that need to be followed during the product formulation from start to end. With a well-structured process, you can stay focused and on schedule. 

Remember that a universal design process that can fit all the projects does not exist. But there is a general flow of new product design processes that every design team follows: 

  • Defining the product vision 
  • Conducting product design research 
  • User analysis 
  • Ideation 
  • Design 
  • Testing and validation 
  • Post-launch activities 

UI and UX designs simplify the product functionality so users can get the best result with minimum effort. Prototyping is also essential to offer a better user experience.

Important Things About Product Design 

1 Each Product Has a Different Process 

Product designers cannot follow a one-size-fits-all solution because each product needs to follow a different process. The design process needs to be customized as per the product’s needs.  

The design process can be easily influenced by the customer’s needs, the project’s budget, and the time you have to complete the design. 

When a design process gets customized as per the business and product’s needs, it becomes more effective. 

2 Product Design can be Tricky 

While people think product design is a linear process, it is not. Why? Because the design process has considerable overlaps. 

Plus, each time the product design team learns about problem-solving, the project details need necessary revisits. Also, the team tries to try out new design ideas. That means there is a continuous back and forth. 

3 Product Design is a Never Ending Process 

As the product design for digital products is a never-ending process, one can never get right from the beginning.  

When you implement an idea, you will come across a gap in your design that needs filling. One common gap is wrong speculations about product usage. 

A successful product design process can only be achieved through continual improvement. It’s a constant process of improving and refining the product so it becomes attractive to customers. 

4 Product Design Requires Communication 

Communicating great product design plays an important role in the process. Why? Because even the best of the best process can fail without getting approval from the stakeholders or team. 


New product design is essential for a company’s growth in many ways. That’s why companies like Future Factory exist. It’s one of the leading product design firms that has been helping businesses to make a stable identity in the ever-changing market. 

Jashish Kambli and Geetika Singh Kambli have started Future Factory to offer the best consulting and new product development services.