Top 5 Easy to Play Music Instruments to Keep You Entertained During Covid-19 Pandemic


Coronavirus pandemic struck all of us in the biggest possible way. All major countries of the world including USA, UK, most of Europe and others have literally come to a halt. It is still very difficult to predict exactly how much impact this Covid-19 will have on the world. While we practice social distancing and try to minimize contact with others, it is important to stay light.

Getting bogged down too much will only maximize our mental problems. Activities in the home to lighten the mood and keep everyone engaged are the best way to go. Playing music instruments and possibly mastering them is one such great option available for all. However, not every instrument is easy to play and most require long learning curves of their own. For instance, if you want to master tumbao variations, you need to learn from a skilled and experienced teacher.

Becoming total masters on any music instruments will need time and effort. However, with little effort, many people should be able to do something on many suitable instruments. Here are some of the easier music instruments on which an average person should be able to produce some kind of music:

1: Irish Bodhran

The frame drum that is the Irish bodhran is one of the most famous hand drums around the world. Light enough to be played in standing or sitting positions and providing happy music, it is also easy to learn. Online lessons are available for the bodhran offering just what people need to know to play it.

Some of the bigger more complex bodhrans will need players to practice quite a long time. Easier basic ones can be played easily by many people with adequate hand control. It is light and has plastic or wooden round frame that has a membrane (often goat skin) tightened on it.

Irish bodhran for sale is available easily in music shops and also online. Different sizes of it are also available for all ages of players. Kids and adults of all ages in the house can benefit from this. The happy music will make you want to dance even during this horrible time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2: The Harp

One of the most elegant music instruments that is also a stringed class instrument is the Irish harp. Majestic in its design and looks, also very calming in its music, it has been an instrument of the wealthy. Royals, rich and the wealthy have been known to have the harp played for them throughout the ages.

However, the harp has never been an easy instrument to learn. Even with some online lessons, new players will find it quite difficult to play and master. That being said, new players should be able to get some sort of music from it.

A quality harp for sale is available at a decent price from online sellers like Muzikkon. The Irish instrument shop specializes in harps of many kinds and in different sizes. Pick one up that suits your playing style and calm yourself and your loved ones down anytime during Coronavirus lockdown.

3: Traditional Irish Flute

One of the best ways to beat a pandemic lockdown is to not let yourself get bogged down. An Irish flute helps do just that with its legendary music. A straight short pipe with holes in its body, the basic flute only requires some wind to be blown in it that is controlled by the holes in its body.

More complex flutes will need to be played by quite expert flutists. Ebony wood, rosewood, basswood and many other types of wooden flutes are available. It is a simple instrument that literally everyone can play to some extent. In this coronavirus lockdown, try to become good at it and beat the boredom.

Most flutes also last a long time. These are some of the most compact and portable music instruments around the world. Be sure to check one out and keep it on your once the pandemic is over. It will be a great tool to impress people anytime.

4: The Guitar

One of the most famous and influential music instruments through history has been the guitar. This stringed instrument has played a vital role in shaping world music to what we know it today. Guitar for sale is available on many quality websites from renowned brands and sellers.

It is also one of the instruments that takes a long learning curve to master fully. However, basic guitars should be able to entertain your housemates and yourself. All the majestic tunes guitars are able to provide can’t be matched by many instruments in the world.

Smaller sizes are also available for the younger ones among us with shorter arms. During the Covid-19 pandemic, you can try to become some sort of experts on the guitar. Once the lockdown is over, you can then play it among your friends and colleagues to impress them.

5: The Keyboard

The keyboard leads directly to the piano. Expert keyboard players can easily play the piano as well. It is also one of the most famous music instruments around the world. All things considered; it is also one of the easier ones to play for almost every one of us.

Even if you don’t emerge as a keyboard champion by the end of the Coronavirus pandemic, the ability to entertain yourself and your housemates during it is great. Easy to find keyboard lessons are available online on YouTube and other platforms.

Affordable keyboards are available at many online seller websites. If you have one in your possession, the time is right to take it out and be entertaining everyone you are quarantining with. Dance on its music or play it calm, choice is yours to enjoy the beautiful instrument.