Know About Different Laser Technology in Brief


Usage of laser is on a constant rise. Not only for skin and other medical treatments, laser has been used in many other sectors like manufacturing. Also, government and industrial regulations have also given reference to the use of laser. There are a number of ways of using laser includes laser marking, laser engraving, laser etching. One can find permanent marking solution and fulling regulations with the help of using advanced laser technology.

Laser Marking

In this technology, the beam interacts with the material’s surface and then it slightly alters its properties to get the work done. A low-powered beam is moved across the material, it then creates highly contrasting marks without resulting into material disruption and the method is called discoloration. Material gets heated up due to oxidation and is annealed due to low temperature.

Laser Engraving

Under this, laser beam physically removes the material’s surface and then exposes the cavity to reveal an image. During engraving, material is vapourised due to high heat is produced. It then creates a noticeable cavity that form deeper marks. The marks are repeated several times very quickly. Therefore, it is the fastest way to mark a surface with a laser and is widely used to get personalized services.

Laser Etching

It is a subset of laser engraving. The process includes melting of the surface with the help of the heat produced. Then the material expands and create a mark. The laser etcher changes the metals’ finishing. As the name signifies, it causes a raised mark. Hence, it enhances the contrasting effects and alters its reflectivity. the Here, the depth of the mark is more than 0.001” which is a lot more than in laser engraving. The materials on which the laser etching technology can be performed include polymers, ceramics, and plated metal surfaces.