Keep An Eye On Your Teen Gallery Folder With OgyMogy


The invention of the world wide web has brought revolutionary changes in our lives. It has lessened the distance between the imaginary world and the real world. Things that just were in mind in the past, with the internet has come right in front of our eyes. This is a blessing or a curse? Well, I think too much knowledge before time is a burden itself. Today’s kids are smart. They know things which we did not know at the time when we were of their age. This is all because of the internet and TV and other technology. We all agree to the fact that the internet has been one of the most important inventions of the past century. But with the time some negative aspects that are way harmful and dangerous are coming in sight.

For example, every kind of material is present on the internet, You have to get access to a smartphone or computer and that’s all. Similarly, there are different kinds of instant messaging app which have group chats options, anyone can join the group and have access to all kind of media shared in the group. As a teen’s parent, all your worries and doubts are genuine. Your urge to keep an eye on your teen’s phone or laptop activities are well justified. Instead of doing it openly and losing the cool parent image in front of your kid, we have a better and more efficient solution for you.

Mobile Monitoring App

Simply get a monitoring app and it will solve all your problems. A mobile spy app is an app build for monitoring purposes. For example, it can check where your children are right at the moment without even calling them, or you can know who he is calling to every night, one step further you can also recover all the deleted chats history and know about their discussions. It can help you with the information regarding what kind of media are they sharing on WhatsApp.This and many other kinds of features that can be very useful to monitor a teen phone or laptop are offered by OgyMogy. You can simply select the desired package and use it to keep an eye on the children’s smartphone and digital life.

Capture The Moment

Almost everyone has got their cell phone nowadays. Mostly teens use it for capturing daily life moments. Some time to just save it as a memory, other times they want to upload on Instagram with catchy hashtags. Whatever the case may b gallery folder is the important one so OgyMogy gives you remote access to the photo folder of the cell phone. You can simply clone the phone and upload all the data into the web portal. It gives you access to all the photos or videos captured by the camera or downloaded. That’s right, OgyMogy let you know what kind of photos or videos your teen has been downloading and saving in the smartphone. It helps you prevent the teen to share personal data,  photos, or videos with unknown people. Too much sharing can be dangerous as some stalker or bully might use them for the evil purpose. So OgyMogy helps you to keep an eye on the gallery folder of your teen’s device.

Know What’s up with WhatsApp: 

Another chatting app that is popular among kids and is widely used is the WhatsApp. Whatsapp can be used to chat, make audio or video calls, share documents or media files in any form, etc. OgyMogy has a special WhatsApp spy app. Which enables the user to have remote access to every WhatsApp media chat and activity. However, you can track all the data or media files shared through Whatsapp along with call log details as well. You can save your teen from bullying, blackmailing. Also, you prevent them from any other kind of malicious activity by simply using the WhatsApp spy app of OgyMogy. 

You can track all the media saved or downloaded from any other social media platforms or internet by using different spy apps made for social media spying like Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Tumbler spy app, etc. OgyMogy has the internet tracking feature as well which can be used to know all about the web sites visited by your teen. It also saves the bookmarked folder for the users.