Is it easy to withdraw money from Ku Casino? Instructions for withdrawing money from Kubet in 2 minutes

Withdrawing money from KUBET is probably the moment that many gamers look forward to the most. Because this is the result that players have achieved during the betting process.

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 So how to make a withdrawal from the bookie to a bank account? What are the popular payment methods at Ku casino? All knowledge related to KU withdrawal will be answered in detail by us through the article below.

Conditions to participate in KU casino withdrawal

Withdrawal is a very important issue when playing betting at the bookie. Therefore, to participate in successful withdrawal, you need to meet all the conditions that the game portal system sets forth. So, what are the requirements for KU casino withdrawals for players? That is:

  • The first thing necessary when making a transaction at Kubet is that each player must have a separate personal account. At the same time, you must set up a bank account available to make transactions at the house. 
  • Users are not allowed to withdraw the entire amount accumulated while playing the game. For example, the total bonus you get is 500k. You can only withdraw up to 400k and leave 100k as capital in the next games.
  • Before making a withdrawal, you need to reach the target number of betting rounds according to the specified system.

In addition, KUBET stipulates that gamers can only withdraw a maximum of 2 times per day and stipulates a withdrawal limit of 100,000 points/day. If you exceed this rule, your account will be deleted.

If you meet all of these conditions, you can start making KU casino withdrawals.

Photo 1: Conditions for withdrawing from KU Casino

Instructions from A to Z on KU casino withdrawal

Immediately after participating in winning bets at the house, you can completely participate in withdrawal. To make a specific withdrawal, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Access to Kubet

Your first task is to access the Kubet home page by following the official link. Then proceed to log in to your personal account or register if you are a new player. The registration process to create an account is also quite simple and not difficult. You just need to fill in the necessary information as required by the house system.

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Step 2: Go to “Withdraw KU casino money”

Next, please click on the “Withdrawal” section set up in the upper right corner of the screen. At this point, a new interface will be forwarded and you need to check your personal account number. Because the house requires only over 200,000 VND to be eligible to make a withdrawal. If the amount in your account is not enough, you will not be able to proceed to the next steps.

Step 3: Add a bank card

For newbies making a KU casino withdrawal for the first time, they need to update their bank account information. At the withdrawal interface, click “Bank card” and fill in the information required by the bookie. Consists of:

  • Real name: That is, you fill in your name exactly according to your personal papers, the same as the name of your bank account.
  • Account number: Enter the exact bank account number you choose to make the withdrawal.
  • Choose a bank: Please select a specific bank for the system to support players.
  • Password: You create a new password to perform withdrawal operations for the next time.
  • Next, check the box “Enter a secure password to withdraw money” to ensure the safety of payment.

Finally, click “Confirm” and the system will save the information the player provides. Now you already own a bank account to serve the money transfer process.


Photo 2: Select Withdraw and add a bank card

Step 4: Execute the withdrawal order

This is the final operation to make a KUBET withdrawal. After you have linked your bank account to the Kubet system. The withdrawal order interface will be displayed and you will be asked to provide the following important information:

  • Choose a bank account: It means that you will choose the bank account that you set up in the step above.
  • Select the number of withdrawal points: Enter the number of points to withdraw and these points will be converted into money corresponding to 1 point = 1000 VND.
  • Enter password: Enter the exact password set up in step 3.

Finally, please click “Confirm” to complete the withdrawal at KU. Usually, the payment process will be processed within 10-30 minutes. To know if the withdrawal was successful or not, go to your bank account to check. If there is enough money in the account to be transferred, it means the withdrawal is successful.

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Photo 3: Confirmation of withdrawal order

Revealing tips for withdrawing money from Kubet is always successful

For new players withdrawing KU casino money for the first time, there will certainly be many problems. Right now, we will reveal a few withdrawal tips to help shorten the execution time. Take a look and follow the tips below.

Withdraw at the right time

Choosing the time is also one of the important factors to help you withdraw money faster. According to regulations, the bank’s working time is from Monday to Friday according to office hours. Therefore, please make a money transfer through the hours that the bank operates to speed up the transaction processing. 

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Therefore, gamers should minimize withdrawals on weekends, Saturdays, or Sundays. At the same time, you should not withdraw money at during peak hours. Because at this time, the number of members participating will lead to network congestion and jerky, lag. 

In addition, when the house system is under maintenance, all transactions are interrupted. Therefore, please pay attention to the system maintenance time to avoid not withdrawing at this time.

Do not withdraw KU casino money to many banks

In order to withdraw money at the house as quickly as possible, you should only choose a single bank. In fact, there are many players who use multiple bank accounts at the same time which makes it difficult to withdraw money. In addition, adding an account also costs you a lot of effort and time to transfer money. Therefore, you should only choose a single bank that you are using to make withdrawals at KU.

It is recommended to withdraw money through a bank supported by KU casino

Currently, KUBET supports linking with many popular banks such as ACB, Vietcombank. Techcombank, Vietinbank, DongAbank, etc. You should open these accounts to make transactions faster and receive support from the bookie.


Photo 4: Tips for withdrawing money from Kubet quickly

Frequently asked questions

Below, Kubet will answer some frequently asked questions regarding withdrawals. Gamer follows along so that the transaction process at the house is done smoothly.

What should I do if I withdraw money at KU without success?

In case you participate in withdrawing money at the house but it is not successful. At this time, please immediately contact customer care for the fastest support. Here, the staff will point out mistakes and guide you to follow the right standards.

How long does it take to withdraw money at normal Kubet?

Normally, making a KU casino withdrawal will take about 30 minutes. Because this time the system will check as well as process the data provided by the user. Therefore, to ensure safety when withdrawing, do not be too hasty.


Photo 5: Frequently asked questions about KU Casino withdrawal 

The above is the complete guide to withdrawing KU casino money in the easiest way. Hopefully, the information we provide will help you in making transactions at Kubet.

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Register for Ku Casino and receive promotions for new member

Kubet is undoubtedly Asia’s No. 1 bookmaker brand. The success of the betting site is demonstrated by the increasing number of registered members. KU Casino offers a huge treasure trove of games along with many great promotions. The prestige of KU Casino allows gamers to join the betting platform with confidence. However, many people wonder how to register for KU Casino and experience numerous betting games on the website? Grab your phone and follow the guidance below!

Overview about KU Casino

Kubet is a well-known bookmaker in the casino betting market. The betting website was first created in the Philippines and since then, it has made its way to almost every country in the world. When introduced in Vietnam, has gained enthusiastic reception from the gaming community. The number of registered members of KU Casino is constantly increasing every day. This proves the bookie’s popularity and also the success that Kubet has achieved.

Ku Casino aims to create an entertainment platform that meets the needs of gamers. From the very beginning, Kubet has invested huge amounts of money in upgrading the game portal. The staff working for Ku Casino are long-years experienced and well-trained in the casino field. Although Ku Casino has achieved a certain level of success, the bookie is still putting constant effort in providing its users with best service quality.


Introducing the Kubet bookie

How to register as an official member at KU Casino

Kubet operates based on credibility, fairness, clarity and transparency. Therefore, before joining KU Casino betting site, you must meet the required standards set by the bookie. This factor plays an important role in ensuring the legality as well as the professionalism of the bookmaker. Here are some requirements that you need to fulfill to become a member of KUBET

  • Participants must be at least 18 years old according to their personal identification documents. This is because when you reach the age of 18, you can already be responsible for your own violations.
  • Before signing up for KU Casino, players need to have a bank account. This is necessary since you will have to make Deposit / Withdrawal transactions when joining betting activities. Please note that your personal information must be identical to your bank card information.
  • New members at Kubet need to commit that they have never violated legal issues, such as criminal record or fraud in betting…
  • Prepare a sufficient capital so that you can deposit money into your account after successful registration. 

Once you have met all of the above requirements, you are ready to start the registration process. You can easily create a KU account on your own phone or computer.

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Conditions to become official member of Kubet

Instructions on how to register for KU casino on Smartphone

Usually gamers tend to play games on mobile devices as it’s more convenient. However, before proceeding to register Ku Casino on your phone, you need to download the app. After that, you can follow the steps below to sign up for Kubet.

Step 1: Open the app and confirm your phone number

After accessing the Kubet app, tap on the “Register” button displayed on the right side of the screen. Now, the bookie will ask the new members to enter their in-use phone number. Tap on “Send code” and check your phone’s messages to get the code.

Next, enter the exact 4 characters that were sent to your phone in the “Confirmation code” section of the registration form. Then choose “Confirm” and proceed with the registration process.

 Step 2: Fill in the information

Now the KU Casino registration form will be displayed on your phone screen. In this form you will need to provided the following information:

  • Reseller account: Fill in this field if you have a referral agent code or you can skip it if you don’t have one.
  • Login account: This is your account’s username at KUBET.
  • Password: You should come up with a strong password, which is a combination of numbers and characters, to ensure safety.
  • Re-enter password: Please re-enter the password you just entered above to ensure accuracy.
  • Next, check the boxes corresponding to “I’m 18 years old…” and “Receive promotional information via phone message”.

Step 3: Complete registration for KU Casino

After you have finished filling your personal information in the registration form as requested by the bookie, you should check every field to see if it is complete and correct. Once you’re confident that everything is done, tap on the box next to “Complete registration” and wait a few seconds so that the system can process the information.

Once the “Successful Registration” notification appears on your phone screen, you’re now an official member of the Kubet community. Now, you are completely free to explore all the best betting games on the website. Don’t forget to deposit money into your account to join different bets and win big rewards!

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Register for KU Casino on your phone

Instructions on how to register for KU Casino on PC/laptop

Aside from using Ku Casino’s application on your phone, you can also experience betting games on Ku Casino’s website. These steps below will show you how to register for KU Casino on your computer.

Step 1: Visit Kubet website

First you have to visit the official website of Kubet: Here 

Currently, many fraudulent KU sites are widely shared on social networks. Therefore, you need to pay attention in choosing which link to access Ku Casino’s official website.

At the KU homepage, click on the “Register” button displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Now you will be directed to the registration page.

Step 2: Fill in the registration form

Similar to registering for KU Casino on your phone, you must also provide the following important information when signing up for Kubet with your computer:

  • Reseller account: You do not need to fill in this field as it’s already filled automatically.
  • Account: Choose any username you like for your account. However, the account name needs to be written in sequence without accents and contains 8 to 10 characters.
  • Nickname: It’s the common name you would like to be called. Nicknames should contain 6 to 8 characters.
  • Password: Set a password that contains 8 to 10 characters including letters and numbers, no special symbols.
  • Phone number: Please enter the official phone number you are using to receive the confirmation code.
  • Verification code: Immediately enter the confirmation code that Ku Casino has just sent to the phone number you provided above.

Step 3: Complete the registration for KU Casino

Finally, check all the personal information you just provided in the registration form. If it is complete and correct, then check the boxes corresponding to “I’m 18 years old…” and “Receive promotional information via phone message”. Click on the “Register” button to complete the account creation procedures at Kubet and wait for the system to process your information.

  • Download Ku casino app

With just these 3 basic steps, you have completed the registration procedure for KU Casino.

casino app

 Register for KU Casino on a computer

Important notes when creating a new account at KU Casino

To successfully create a new account on KU Casino, there are some things you need to keep in mind:

  • The bookie only allows each member to create a single game account.
  • The personal information you use to fill in the registration form must be identical with your bank account.
  • Choose a unique username that is not the same as other members at KUBET.
  • Choose a strong but easy to remember password for absolute security.

With the help of this article, now you know the detailed instructions on how to register for Ku Casino quickly. Now what are you waiting for? Grab your phone and follow the above steps. I Hope you quickly join the Ku casino community and have great experiences on the website.


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