How to Use Electric Jack Hammer


Concrete is an extremely hard material and hard to break. By mixing cement, sand, stone and water, there is a chemical reaction that later produces a material as hard as a rock, capable of supporting entire decks, walls and houses. Demolishing this kind of material is not the easiest task, but it is something that anyone can do. And doing it yourself saves good money. For this you will probably need a breaker. That breaker should be an Electric jack hammer.

There are various types of breaker, pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, etc. In this article we will talk about the use of electric breaker because it is the most used in construction and renovation.

First thing is safety:

Remember to wear safety gear such as gloves, goggles, thick boots, long pants and earmuffs. A breaker is not a toy and requires caution when using it. A breaker can weigh up to 40 pounds and if you are short and thin the equipment can make you sweat a little. So choose your strongest operator and get down to business.

Then check the type of service to be performed. 

For larger jobs where a large area of ​​concrete needs to be demolished you will need a stronger electric hammer such as a 30 pounder. For smaller or more precise jobs, use a 10 to 19 kilogram hammer, which is lighter and can also be used for horizontal demolition jobs.

Select the correct tip or chisel. 

The tip is used to drill the initial holes in the concrete before demolishing completely. The chisel is used for longer concrete cuts.

Breakers do a great job of demolishing concrete. However, when demolishing concrete you will have to deal with iron rebar and wire and it would be wise to have other tools at hand such as a grinder or a metal cutter.

Another important tip is for the operator to rest when needed. A breaker can work tirelessly for an entire day, whereas a worker cannot. Because the tool weighs up to 30 pounds and requires some control, if your muscles are no longer obeying, compromising control of the equipment, your safety is also compromised. Take a break to recharge. If your work is really big, it would be better to split the work in a few days.

Remember to let the breaker do the work. The breaker is not a difficult tool to use. Here are some more tips:

  • Maintain a correct posture;
  • Balance breaker in a vertical (or horizontal) position;
  • Do not lean on the breaker. Let the weight of the equipment do the work;
  • Drill holes 20 to 30 centimeters apart until a break line forms;
  • Break small pieces at a time;
  • You can use an iron bar or crowbar to loosen the concrete pieces.
  • Turn hammer off and tilt to leverage and release large pieces of concrete;
  • Use a long wire extension and keep it straight to prevent overheating;
  • Inspect the equipment regularly for defects or loose parts;
  • Prevent other people from being near the demolition area;

Demolition work can be a lot of work, but it is certainly better than using a sledgehammer. At Rent equip do Brazil you will find electric, hydraulic and pneumatic breakers for the most varied services.

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Where to buy an electric jack hammer?

Leroy Merlin, Dicico, C&C, North Tile and Center Castilho are reputable physical stores to buy hammer. In some of these physical trades there are promotions for year-end buying – stock is burning?

For online hand and electric hammer shopping the best indication is Amazon. In this online store there are more varieties of models than in any physical store. Online shoppers also find the product in stores such as Mercado Livre, Joli and Obra Max.

What are the types of hammer?

It is no use buying any hammer on sale and thinking that you will get the best results at work. You need to use the right tool for each service.

Don’t you know what each major hammer type is for? So, look at the words below:

Electric Hammer Drilling / Demolition: Helps in drilling large construction structures, also for chiseling or demolishing. They are products with modern technology and electric superpower.

Rotary Electric Hammer: This version is not suitable for large demolitions. But, the product is for those who want to sculpt or drill.

Combined Electric Hammer: The product has the combination of the different functions of the two hammers shown above. It is an electrical choice for those who know a bit of work and cannot stand the bad jobs of masons.

Final words:

Be sure of this information before your purchase so that you know how to use an electric jack hammer correctly and without difficulty.

It is also worth mentioning that you should not buy such a tool without warranty. It can be from 3 to 12 months, but it is important that your hammer has at least 3 months warranty to compensate for the investment. Serious and responsible brands offer warranty.