How to Increase Sales using Artificial Intelligence?


Artificial Intelligence has made its way into everything. From self-driving cars to smart home appliances, it is poised to make our lives better by making them simpler. But did you know that an AI sales assistant can drive sales for companies? The primary job of a sales assistant is to assist a customer in their buying expedition and make sure that they do not return empty-handed.

They need proper training, product knowledge and a bit of experience to close the sale. Now companies are leveraging AI for sales to grow their business. As things stand, AI cannot fully replace a human sales assistant for now, but it is well on its way. For now, a digital sales assistant is helping shoppers in their online shopping. An AI virtual assistant steps in whenever a customer seems undecided or is searching for something specific.

Many online shopping expeditions are abandoned midway due to a lack of assistance. AI can help shoppers in the form of a virtual assistant. It can make helpful suggestions based on their past browsing history or help them navigate to appropriate sections to finish their shopping. While this may seem trivial to those who are used to doing everything online, it’s a great help to those who are new.

Here are a few ways to increase sales using artificial intelligence.

5 ways you can improve sales with artificial intelligence

1. Qualify more genuine leads

Leads are the fuel for generating sales. More genuine leads result in more conversions, and that seems to be the key to increase sales. Deploy artificial intelligence to analyze users’ shopping data to chart out their shopping habits and spending patterns. It will help businesses immensely by allowing them to focus on those prospects which are more likely to convert into a sale. AI can analyze data faster and can make predictions more accurately.

2. Enhance pitches with predictive analysis

With predictive analytics, companies can predict a customer’s needs accurately to an astounding degree. It is akin to shoppers getting similar suggestions when they add items to their shopping cart. In most cases, they do end up buying the recommended products because they realize that they need those items after they see them. Artificial intelligence can refine these recommendations to the minutest degree by analyzing a customer’s past purchases and browsing patterns.

3. Increase productivity with efficiency

Reducing wastage automatically increases efficiency. In sales, reducing wasted efforts will drive productivity and increase sales. AI can increase efficiency by taking over repetitive, time-consuming tasks that tie up precious human capital. What’s more, automated sales assistants can keep doing their jobs tirelessly, 24X7. While they cannot close every sale, they can at the very least provide you with a qualified lead to follow up. It spares you those efforts.

4. Automate secondary tasks

In addition to driving sales, AI can also take over tasks that are secondary to the main function. You can set up AI to reply to non-critical messages, follow up calendar appointments and even fill out the CRM system once in a while. By taking over these tasks, AI leaves you free for the more important things, such as following up qualified leads. It also saves the company the cost of training new associates.

5. Uncover sales opportunities

Artificial intelligence can play a big part in predicting customer needs with the data that it analyzes. These predictions can open up new sales opportunities for retailers and can result in increased sales. It may also enable you to cross-sell and upsell products based on a customer’s browsing history. More often than not, showing suggestions at appropriate places results in impulse buys. You get an instant jump in sales.

In sales, productivity and efficiency matter. And artificial intelligence gives you both along with its relevant insights. Every qualified lead has business potential, and AI is made for sniffing them out. One more way of increasing sales.