Cryptology Overview: How to Exchange Cryptocurrency


Cryptology Review

Cryptology is an approved exchange to buy crypto from Singapore. It was founded in 2018 and still has one of the best conditions on the e-market. Notwithstanding that the amount of e-currency is limited here, it still has features of comfort and fast e-trading.

Companies special advantages:

  • fees start from zero percentage;
  • a nice welcome reward for a new client;
  • accept both fiat money and e-currency;
  • mobile apps are available for all OS;
  • fast cash-out system;
  • top cryptocurrency exchanges markets are open.

Let us start with the very generous and fresh offer from this website.

Greeting Bonus afford:

  • Until September 30, the portal offers all its participants an incredible promotion. You can trade futures without commission. But that’s not all. Also, each new client who decides to start cooperating with the company is offered $ 100 in the form of a welcome prize for registration and a credit knee in the amount of up to 100 times.

Signup Process

Cryptology offers every new client a very convenient registration procedure. You wouldn’t spend more than 5 minutes on it.

  1. Open official portal website;
  2. start signup procedure;
  3. fill in the form with your name, second name, proper email address, and personal password;
  4. pick up a type of account you want to open to buy crypto online: individual or general;
  5. confirm personal information for further activities here.

Individual and general accounts have different advantages. You need to know how you want to explore the platform. The individual account helps you to cash in all kinds of currency transfers but only crypto is available for cashing-out here. The opposite situation is with the general account: it proposes all cash-in procedures but you can withdraw funds only to this account using any kind of banking transfer system.


Like all stages on the portal, it is quick and does not take time. It is necessary to go through two standard stages of the procedure:

  • Proof of identity with a passport or any ID document that can show that you are you. After that, your limit will be increased to ten thousand dollars.
  • Verification of your residency. Any utility bill or bank account not older than three months allows you to avoid restrictions in the future when using all the services. Upload a photo with these documents to the appropriate window and wait for confirmation from the administration.

Deposits, Platform’s Fee and Funds Transfers

The platform offers you all kinds of exchanges. You can work here with currency and e-currencies. All your previous transfer details are open in your account. Here you will find a competitive fee and zero commission for bitcoin futures till 30 September.

All clients here can transfer funds both ways with any bank card or wire transfer. If you doubt some details you can always ask about it at customer service.

The very low fees on BTC futures trading have attracted a lot of clients for the last few years. The fee is more than competitive – it’s lower than other markets’ suggestions – more than forty percent.

The fiat money cash-out has a too high fee for the transfer. But to compare with other market players they are acceptable.

Payment methods

To transfer funds to the platform as well as the cash-out, you can use a developed banking system.

Banking card. All types of credit and debit cards are accepted here. But some types of cash-out transfers are not available.

Wire transfers. There are no limits for this type. But the fee in some countries is too high.

E-wallets. It’s usual for e-operator to use many types of this kind of funds transfer. This very popular method and the fee is lower than in other methods.

Extra Features for You

For the last two years, the number of daily operator funds transactions has grown ten times compared with 2018 when the company was just founded. This is happening because operators never stop service innovations for your comfort.

Cryptology Earn is a new type of financial activity on the portal. This recent invention was discovered so that you can start earning passively with the company. They allow you to develop a passive income system for you thanks to e-money. You completely dispose of your funds: they can be withdrawn or invested in passive income again. The main advantage of this function is that the higher the rating of the invested funds, the more your passive funds are. For example, trading BTC futures will bring you up to eight percent per annum. And up to ten percent, a year can be earned on some other e-currencies today.

The Fair Rating

Making this review for you we should notice one weak feature about Cryptology. The platform’s services are not available in some countries. Before you start using it make sure your home based-country is out of the list.

The second discomfort: always remember that a company’s fee depends on the country you are transferring to. It relates to fiat money wire especially

Spot Exchange and Futures are new features on the site. They are simple to use. Your previous history is open to you before you start trading CME BTC futures. All your limits and leverages are here for analysis.

Every online e-market has its strategy. Before starting trading try to understand the features you are looking for in e-markets operators.

Cryptology has all benefits of developed and easy-going online trade area:

  • This portal was not designed for entertainment, so the interface is designed specifically for commercial transactions. It is simple and fast, so it does not create unnecessary mistakes when working with money.
  • Less is better, but more often. This is the fee policy of the portal. You don’t have to pay for every step you take. Percentages are strictly indicated, and for some operations, they are absent altogether. They are below market rates compared to other operators.
  • The exchange and its services operate all over the world. But this does not mean that it is available in your country. Therefore, before you start financial transactions here, make sure that your country does not block its work.
  • Credit system. The portal provides services for crediting its users, based on the specifics of working with e-currency. This function will allow you to expand the scope of your financial turnover and be able to carry out transactions even when there is no cash. Do not forget that sometimes our financial transactions may be greater than the available funds. Even if you don’t seriously count on it, its presence speaks of the seriousness of the exchange.
  • Cash-out methods. The withdrawal of funds on the portal remains one of the best among other operators. The very low interest on the turnover of funds attracts attention and will not harm your financial affairs. There is also a very large list of bank fund transfer methods.

Bottom Line

According to the listed features, this portal is ready to become your permanent partner in the BTC futures exchange. And don’t forget that generous greeting bonus is here till September 30.