How To Choose A Perfect Travelling Bag For Men?


Often we don’t give a second thought about how much important a bag can be in our life. But if we think about it, bag is something that we carry with us in a daily basis. Be it when we are going to work, travelling or simply in any occasion a bag play an essential role. When it comes to choosing travelling bag leather is without a doubt the best option. It is not only durable but stays the same for life. 

But being one of the most popular and demanded material throughout the world the availability of leather is not enough. There are already various alternative materials available in the market like the canvas, Cordura or various synthetic fibres which are both cheap and durable materials  

When it comes to choosing the best quality-travelling bag for men there are few point we should keep in our mind.

Size of the travelling bag 

The very first thing we have to keep in mind while choosing a suitable travelling bag is the size of the bag. Keeping the suitable size in mind becomes specifically important if we are travelling through airlines. The bag we carry in airlines should not be more than 45-inches, which means the width and height of the bag should not cross the 45-inch size limit.

Enough pockets and space 

When it comes to carrying a canvas travel bag the front zipped pocket comes in handy. If we are hiking or backpacking to some wild space this small compartment in the front of the bag is easily reachable and we can quickly takeout anything without upsetting the other packed items in the bag.  


Another very important factor to consider your budget while shopping for a bag. A few tips to choose within a budget:

  • Have a fixed upper price limit in mind.
  • Take advantages of sales and discounts.
  • Have realistic expectations as per the price you are willing to pay.

Proper shape of the backpack 

This is an important factor when choosing a perfect men’s weekend travel bag. The bag should always compliment the build of the carrier. As we will be carrying that bag in our back, we should feel comfortable while carrying it. We can test the comfort of the bag by visiting the store directly carrying it around and then decide on the best one for us.

Choosing the best brand 

In case we are a frequent backpacker, it is very important to choose on a good brand, which offers a durable and sturdy bag. To ensure good canvas travel backpack it is best to research the best brand online before buying the bag. Positive reviews by buyers who are using the brand will help us decide.

Buying the right travelling bag is not only about getting the best looking bag but also quality and comfort are the key factors. Backpacks are not only handy as an important item before any travel, but can be a great gift to a backpacker. Hence, choose accordingly keeping the tips in mind.