How Oracle EPM Cloud Benefits Your Business


What is Oracle EPM Cloud?

The term EPM stands for Enterprise Performance Management that enables you to analyze, comprehend, and generate business reports. The cloud platform helps companies to manage their functions efficiently. 

This environment interlinks operational and financial metrics to provide better insights into the efficacy of plans, implementations, and strategies. The management tool helps many business firms handle their processes in a situation of highly emerging, competitive, and economic fluctuation. 

Why EPM?

The EPM cloud allows integrations of evolving technologies like ML and AI with your business for heightened decision making and task automation. EPM cloud suite helps leaders to create futuristic financial organizations that are wholesome and compatible with clients’ core ERP systems. It also enables you to deliver swift responses.

The following read narrates some significant benefits of Oracle EPM cloud for your business. Scroll on your mouse to know more.

Improved Financial Operations

The cloud software enhances financial operations. The operations deliver on a single and integrated platform that makes all the functions swift. The present EPM suite has helped companies to succeed. The success rests on two main pillars of technology Planning and Hyperion Financial Management.

This specific cloud software helps the users to develop user-friendly business processes that can run on both integrated and cross platforms. It also enables you to make quick decisions because the workflow is on the current and cohesive data. Improve your financial stability by acquiring oracle jobs North Carolina with professional assistance from Techfetch.

Think beyond Reduced Operational Costs and Licenses

EPM cloud suite helps leaders to create futuristic financial organizations that are wholesome and compatible with clients’ core ERP systems. It also enables you to deliver swift responses.

There is a myth that cloud migrations can minimize IT costs. Many users believe that EPM solutions provide lower total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) that result in progressions of report management, financial amalgamation, and planning. 

People often make TCOs calculations on the grounds of on-premise license and subscription and support costs of a new cloud service that is not logical. Some facts to consider before creating your business case cloud model are,

Upgrades – It can include considerable costs for execution consultants and hardware upgrades.

Service Costs – It includes hardware maintenance and upgrades charges back linked to the financial department.

Hardware – This platform wipes out upfront hardware cost to a great extent that can result in minimized TCO over time. The hardware costs are not cost-effective because it requires periodical upgrades.

Process innovation – This is not a generic item but still influences the performance of the cloud. It is the area where the customers and your potential competitors are striving to come up with an innovative product and process solution.

EPM cloud software prompts the users to take immediate actions whenever new upgrades launch. The conventional on-premise ones can run for two to four years without any refreshments. Are you a professional looking for oracle jobs North Carolina? Then you are the right place where Techfetch opens the doorway for your career progressions.

Migrations to Oracle Cloud

The transition to Oracle cloud is not a swap but a model shift because it offers innovative automated frameworks for general financial operations. These models can increase improved user-buys and eliminate the repetitive and wearisome tasks of finance team members.

Many companies consider this a short cut towards fastening their business EPM processes. It is a fact that applies only to organizations with specific operations. For others, it requires financial amalgamation, workforce and expenditure planning, and much more.

Partial migrations are possible with the Hyperion model as it works on cohesion with the current on-premise software. Are you ready to migrate to oracle jobs north Carolina? Then Techfetch helps you to acquire it with their professional IT job consultancy services.

Features of Oracle EPM products are,

  • Narrative Reporting
  • Complete Financial Close Process
  • Planning
  • Enterprise Data Management

Narrative Reporting

It helps you to come with solo solutions for reviewing, authoring, defining, and printing the management, regulatory, and management report packages. It provides all businesses to deliver secured, faster, and narrative data and reports for all the stakeholders.

Financial Close Process

It boosts your financial process with extensive consolidation and close, tax reporting solutions, close-process organization, and account reconciliation. The solutions allow the companies in adaptations to emerging business requirements that help to deliver in-depth data to the stakeholders.


The oracle product allows companies to come up with long-term agile budget planning and predictions that aids them to deliver faster and efficient responses. The process helps you to acquire acumen into the cost and profit dimensions for wise resource investments.

Enterprise Data Management (EDM)

The business Oracle products can transform your business with its platform integrations to handle enterprise data that maintains data integrity. The strategy of enhanced data management can swiftly transform your business.


The above-profiled information provides you with insights into the benefits of Oracle EPM for businesses across the world. They, in turn, open several job opportunities for the oracle jobs north Carolina. Are you ready to shift there? Techfetch is a leading IT job consultant who helps you with the entire career makeshift process.