Hover board – 360 – reviews


The hover board 360 is damaged by a flawed assembling, poor client assistance and an exhausting item. They even figured out how to destroy Christmas. We generally attempt to bring you adjusted surveys of the best electric bikes available. This is to feature the advantages of less expensive models just as the defects of the more costly ones.




At that point, with regards to seeing the highlights of this board, there’s very little to gripe about right now. It accompanies 6.5 inch wheels, rides at a top speed of 12mph and runs for 12 miles. You can spend more and get bigger 8 or 10 inch wheels to improve ground freedom. I like these sorts of alternatives and I’d prefer to see them offered by more brands. Add to that a scope of energizing hues, plans and LEDs and you’d be pardoned for deduction this would make an extraordinary Christmas present.


At the point, when I investigated this item I immediately ran into an issue with hover board 360 safety. There’s no itemized data on free destinations, about the particulars. This set the alerts ringing. My feelings of dread were affirmed when I visited the official page, it was suspended. In view of the exhibition it professes to have, I would get it utilizes double 350W motors with portable network to set learning modes. You’d expect, there’s a motherboard to help disseminate the ability to the wheels also.


What is the main issue?


The issue with hover board 360 Bluetooth app is none of this truly matters in light of the fact that the item itself scarcely works. A speedy check of their Facebook page, which despite everything exists, affirms it. I don’t have the foggiest idea how they figured out how to gather 10k preferences in light of the fact that each remark, on each photograph, is furious clients requesting discounts. In view of these remarks, this item has a life expectancy of somewhere in the range of 0 and 30 days with an accentuation on the 0. The assembling is reliably flawed in addition to there’s no UL22772 declaration. Basically, that implies in case you’re fortunate it won’t work. In case you’re unfortunate, it will detonate.


The client care number snares you in a pattern of endless spirals. You dial the number which is replied by a computerized reaction: “higher call volume than expected”. This could be genuine given what numbers of furious clients are attempting to get in contact with them. Subsequent to looking out for the hold, the computerized reaction returns to let you know there’s nobody accessible to accept your call, the post box is full and to attempt again later. Also, that is it. You’re cut off. The main alternative is to go to the Facebook page and leave a remark on one of the various promoting posts as a large number of furious clients have done.


Exactly when you figured things couldn’t deteriorate for this brand, you take a gander at the dates of their shopper audits. The majority of them are from Christmas 2016. What appears to of happened is that the production network separated. Instead of conceding they had sold out, as any good organization would do, hover board 360 continued taking requests. They couldn’t stay aware of interest in this way, when the charge card discounts began to heap in, nearby discount fines, the organization instantly failed.


Shouldn’t something be said about their heritage?


People say that some of them are a large group of void Christmas tights, incensed clients and a horrible item. Obviously, on the off chance that you esteem your mental stability, maintain a strategic distance from this item no matter what.




  • There’s no doubt, the shading plans are incredible and there is good hover board 360 safety. Everyone is one of a kind utilizing brilliant, unique road craftsmanship.


  • The chance to pick wheel size. This implies you can pick your item dependent on the sort of surfaces you’ll be riding on.


  • Larger wheels for harder surfaces, littler wheels for indoor riding or smooth walkway cruising.


Obviously, there’s the conspicuous issue of execution enduring given bigger wheels need bigger motors. Yet, hover board 360 obviously doesn’t let those sorts of subtleties stop them.




  • There are no specs on motor sizes, motherboards, application interfaces, item ensures and so on. We’re simply told it can go x speed for x separation without any realities to back it up.


  • The client assistance line, dreadful affirmed client surveys, insolvency, suspended sites and a horrendous Facebook page.


  • They demolished Christmas.


Hover board 360 Specifications


  • Wheels type: 6.5″, 8.0″ or 10.0″


  • Motor: Dual 350w engines (unverified)


  • Miles per charge: 12 miles


  • Maximum Speed: 12 miles for each hour


  • Additional Features: Several shading and plan choices, LEDs, x3 distinctive wheel offers


Taking a gander at the negative audits we arrived at a resolution that there were a few blemishes with the organization. First they didn’t transport quality items; one client posted the hover board quit working following 30 minutes of ride time. Second client posted that the item never showed up on schedule, many got it following 20 days of submitting a request. Third thing we saw is that the organization gave a review however didn’t discount the cash, rather permitted clients to utilize same add up to purchase materials from their store. Fourth and the most exceedingly terrible thing is that they dispatched nothing to numerous clients and kept their cash.


As a hover board retail location with hover board 360 Bluetooth App, hovering board can comprehend that a few bits of any electric item can have issues. Now and again even conveyance can be postponed. In any case, it is essential to give decent client assistance. On the off chance that you can’t give any of these, at that point it is in every case better to give full discount to the purchasers. On the off chance that for reasons unknown we don’t have an item that client requested or we accept client isn’t happy with conveyance time; we simply issue them a full discount on the off chance that they can send back the hover board.