Which Hosting Solution Should You Choose for Your Business?


Every website needs the internet to host, and that cannot be possible without a hosting service. While several hosting service providers are out there, it isn’t effortless to choose the best one that fulfils your goals and is within your budget. Most of the people emphasise budgeted web hosting service provider, but they often ignore the fact that each hosting has different features. 

If you are starting a website the first time, it is obvious not to have all information about hosting service, and hence you are likely to choose a wrong hosting plan. There are four types of web hosting plans: dedicated, shared, VPS, and hosting web service. Which strategy you will choose depends on your goals and the kind of website you are running. Your wrong decision can take a toll on your site, and you will begin to lose your customers to competitors.

Web hosting plans are choosing servers. Each website is hosted on a server, which means it consists of all files, texts, images, and videos. As long as the server is up and running, your website will continue to display when a user types its URL in the search bar. This blog has discussed four types of hosting plans, along with their features, pros, and cons.

Shared Hosting

It is the most popular hosting plan because it does not cost you a small fortune. A shared web hosting server is advantageous if you are running a website that does not contain large files and large images. As the name suggests, other sites will also be sharing the same hosting server along with you. It means one server may be hosting multiple websites. This is why shared web hosting is considered a cheaper plan.

Each website will have limited space on the server defined by your web hosting service provider. Though a shared web hosting plan seems to be an affordable option, especially if you cannot afford an expensive method, one of its drawbacks is a performance. If the other website has higher traffic, your site may take longer to be visible to your visitors. So you can conclude that it can help you save some money, but it does not always give a high-quality web hosting experience. 

Who should invest in a shared web hosting plan?

A shared web hosting plan is the right choice as long as you have a small business. Large eCommerce sites provide a lot of products and generally have high traffic. Hence they should opt for a plan other than shared web hosting. Shared web hosting is the best solution if you are running a small website or an informative blog. It is cost-effective, and you do not need to have the technical know-how to run it. 


  • It is a cost-effective plan for small businesses.
  • You do not need to have technical knowledge.
  • It is easy to set up.


  • Performance issues are the primary concern. 
  • Loading time can be longer for your website.

WordPress Hosting

As the name suggests, this hosting plan usually aims for WordPress websites. In other words, if you have a WordPress website, you should invest in WordPress hosting. Since WordPress is the most popular CMS used across the globe, it is vulnerable to cyber threats, and therefore, WordPress hosting provides security features. You can get two types of WordPress hosting: shared and managed. The former works the same way as a regular shared web hosting plan. The only difference is WordPress will be already installed, and the latter provides additional benefits like faster loading speed, caching, and enhanced security. 

Who should invest in WordPress hosting?

This is the best hosting plan for those entrepreneurs who are using WordPress CMS. If you have a WordPress website and want to optimize your hosting services customized to your site, you can use the WordPress site. However, it does not mean that a user with a WordPress site cannot opt for standard sharing and a dedicated web hosting plan. 


  • This hosting plan is exclusively available for WordPress website owners.
  • It provides additional security benefits.


  • It does not provide flexibility.
  • Slow updates are annoying.

Dedicated Hosting

A dedicated server is the best choice for large websites. If you have an eCommerce website or massive traffic or consist of large files, images, and a lot of videos, you should choose a dedicated server. Further, it comes with additional security benefits, and hence it is more secure than other hosting plans. 

Who should invest in a dedicated web hosting plan?

A dedicated server is the best choice for large websites. If you have an eCommerce website or huge traffic or consist of large files, images and a lot of videos, you should choose a dedicated server. Further, it comes with additional security benefits and hence it is more secure than other hosting plans. 


  • You will have full control over the server, and hence there is no issue related to loading time, etc.
  • It provides high security, and hence companies that store data of customers should use dedicated hosting.


  • This hosting plan is the most expensive.
  • You need to have the technical know-how.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is better than shared hosting because you will be sharing a single server with other website owners, but the number of sharing websites will significantly be lower. One of the best advantages of the VPS hosting server is you will have a dedicated resource despite sharing the server with other website owners.

Who should choose a VPS hosting plan?

It is an excellent choice if you cannot afford to have downtime. If you are sharing large files but do not have a budget for a dedicated server, you should use a VPS hosting plan. Further, it will help you customize the server configuration that is not possible with shared hosting.


  • It gives faster-loading speed and higher uptime rates.
  • It is more affordable than a dedicated server.


  • Installation is not easy.
  • You will still have out of control issues.

It is hard to say which hosting service is suitable for your business. It generally depends on your niche. Before you choose any hosting server, make sure that it will not leave any adverse impact. Start-up entrepreneurs cannot compromise to have a bad hosting plan and they must have the best in the market. Right, the cost will be the significant factor but that you can cover with borrowing option like payday loans for unemployed people. Get the money quickly based on your side income and purchase the best server for your company.