Fun88 casino online 2022

With the presence since 2006, after 15 years of establishment and development, Fun88 is growing stronger and stronger. Along the way, the house has built trust and prestige for many players. Currently, Fun88 has a leading position in the Asian betting market and around the world. 

In 2019, Fun88 joined the OG GLOBAL ACCESS LIMITED group. This is one of the reputable betting groups and is licensed by PAGCOR and is under the control of the Philippine government. The house has received new investment capital to upgrade its versions, products and interfaces. Fun88’s betting platform is increasingly solid and full of utilities. 

Rate the quality of Fun88

Choosing a long-term playground for yourself is not an easy thing. Accordingly, product quality and features are what players care about at each bookie. 

The house interfaces

Many players appreciate the Fun88 dealer interface when it’s easy to use, the cool background color doesn’t make players uncomfortable because it’s gaudy. The interface also distributes all the necessary features to use. The bookie also develops different languages ​​to serve players with different nationalities. 

Reputation when betting

It is not natural that Fun88 was merged by a large corporation. Fun88’s long-standing reputation has made players who join the house extremely comfortable when placing bets. Quality and standard service have made the name of one of the leading bookmakers in Asia. The bookie also develops its own security system, personal information of players, bet information, transaction history are all encrypted to keep players safe when placing bets at the house. 

Products and odds

The rich game store and the house’s diverse odds make many people unable to leave Fun88. You will discover and experience a lot of new, diverse and attractive games such as sports bets, online lotteries, virtual sports, Esports, Game slots… The house’s products are expanded and developed. continuously to ensure diversity. 

Most of the house products have a simple way to play, easy to place bets. Along with that, the payout ratio is extremely rich. Many slot games with an exploding value of hundreds of millions, football bets, sports bets with reward rates up to several dozen times. Many new games have great incentives for players to participate actively. Players will enjoy a lot of the newest products on the market at Fun88.

Preferential policy at the house

Over the years of construction and development. Fun88 understands that incentives will be one of the ways to attract players. In addition, when you come to the house, you will never worry about being bored because of the lack of events. The attractive offers that can be experienced at the house are as follows. 

Join the first deposit at the bookie to receive 100% bonus with E-Sport and lottery. 

When participating in PT slot, you also receive up to 30% of the first-time bonus. 

The bookie implements daily refund programs with casino fun88, sports bets. 

Players participate in betting every day to receive attendance rewards, weekly and monthly incentives are implemented. 

On holidays, Tet, special days such as Christmas, Valentine … the house also brings many events and rich gifts. 

Quick payment

Similar to many other bookies, Fun88 also has its own payment system. The bookie has linked with most of the domestic bookmakers to ensure your transaction is convenient. In addition, you can choose the form of transaction at the counter, ATM, e-wallet, scratch card… The transaction operations are clearly guided. When you have a problem with payment, you can completely contact customer service for the fastest advice. 

Customer consulting

Customer consulting service is always accurate and fast. New incentives, instructions for participating in betting, regulations, rules … are all disseminated by the house staff to players before experiencing the house product. With a professional service attitude, players will feel the dedication from the house staff. 


With what has been done, Fun88 always brings many new things to players. This is also one of the playgrounds with attractive odds for players for a long time. What are you waiting for, do not create an account at Fun88 and enjoy the new things that the house has to offer.


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