Friendspire: A Must-Have 2021 App


Isn’t it fun wasting hours trying to figure out what to watch or which restaurant to go to? Of course not.  That’s why I’m introducing you guys to Friendspire.  

Friendspire is a free social app that allows you to find, save, and share recommendations with your friends. 

An Easier Way to Find Great Recommendations

In today’s world, there are so many options for books, movies, tv, and dining that it can be overwhelming.  You end up reading numerous reviews from strangers on Yelp, IMDB, or Trip Advisor.  Yet, it still feels like it’s never-ending and you still haven’t truly found what you were looking for.  And let’s face it- some of these reviews are paid.  That’s why Friendspire is different.  It relies on word-of-mouth recommendations from actual people, your friends. But say that you don’t have many friends on the app.  Well, Friendspire offers amazing curated lists based on your preferences.  

Not a Typical Social Media or Review Platform

Although it’s often compared to Instagram or Yelp, Friendspire is very much different. With Instagram, you may catch “a moment” in your friend’s life.  But we all know how filtered Instagram really is.  It doesn’t help that the voice of influencers overpowers that of the everyday people. And Yelp can involve more angry and not as trustworthy reviews from strangers.  

Friendspire is rooted in real life experiences.  It’s all about recommendations from people who matter a lot to you: your friends. Furthermore, you also become a part of the Friendspire community and gain new friends through following other users.

Things You Can Do On the App


In the “Find” section, you can explore curated lists for tv shows, movies, books, podcasts, and food and drinks according to your interests. For example, check out Movies Trending Right Now

You can also create your personalized library of recommendations.  Just start rating and leaving comments. Your friends/followers will be able to see your recommendations on your profile and make wiser decisions.  

Like a recommendation but afraid that you’ll forget it?  Well, you can save recommendations so that you can come back to them later in the “Saved” section. 

And of course, you can also invite friends.

Diving Deeper

As mentioned before, in the “Find” section, you can explore recommendations for the different categories.

So say that you’re looking for a movie or show to watch for date night? Under the Movies/TV Shows Categories, you can easily find lists like “Latest from your friends,” “Recommended by Critics,” “Because you like Horror,” “All time-Greatest Movies, etc. You can also find movies/tv shows based off of the genre or streaming services.  And if you’re curious about what’s trending, Friendspire has you covered with their “trending” lists. 

Now if you’re a bibliophile, you’ll definitely want to browse through the books section.  You can search for books by genre such as action/adventure, biography, business, classics, health, mystery, science fiction and much more.  Whether you’re into paperback novels, e-books, or audiobooks, there’s so many options to choose from.  Explore the latest lists like “London Review Bookshop’s Weekly Bestsellers,” “Oprah’s Book Club,” and “Project Gutenberg Top 100 Books.” You can also note down trending books like “Think Like A Monk,”  “The Silent Patient,” and “Midnight Sun.”  If you’re interested in what other users are reading, check out “Get inspired by others.” 

If you love listening to podcasts, Friendspire has a section devoted to just that. Just like with books, you can choose podcasts based on genre.  There are a variety of lists to browse like “Top 59 Food Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021,” “Amplifying Black Voices in Podcasts: Comedy,” and “A Podcast Per Week.”  Curious which podcasts are trending?  Check out the trending list and see recommendations like “The Michelle Obama Podcast,” “Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer,” and “Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions.” You can also follow other podcast addicts and see their recommendations for podcasts. 

If you’re a foodie or love food photography, the Food and Drinks section will be a treat for you. The Map feature allows Friendspire to find the closest restaurants/bars to your location that have ratings.  New to New York City?  Explore lists like “The Essential Guide to the Best Pizza in New York City,”  “Michelin Guide Restaurants in NYC,” and “The Top New York City Coffee Spots.”  Learn about dining places in the info section, get an honest opinion about the food and service from the ratings and be mesmerized by some amazing food photos. 

Save Your Time

With so many apps on our phones, you might think what makes this app so worthwhile?  This app was created so you spend less time on your phone.  How is this possible?  Because instead of spending hours scrolling through Netflix or Amazon Prime, or looking at different movie/show review websites, you can just go to the app and see what your friends recommended and go on from there.  In fact, that is Friendspire’s goal: Stop Searching. Start Finding.  Scroll less and enjoy more. So yes, it’s definitely an app you should  keep on your phone.

Check Out Friendspire Here!