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Dinar Chronicles. This website is aimed at the fans of Dinar, who have grown and developed beyond their childhood passion for the Travel and tourism industry in Pakistan and India. Dinar Chronicles is an interactive forum for travel and tourism enthusiasts. It is like an online magazine but updated for the younger generation.

All Kinds of Information – Features

The site features all kinds of information on the subject of Travel, along with interviews, reports, commentaries, and a lot more. Dinar chronicles have got something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a news story, a new trend, a piece of news or anything about world events, you will be able to find it here. Dinar chronicles were started in 2021 and are run out of a single site. Later on, it has been expanded to include several other websites in a similar field.

Starting with the present time, dinar chronicles is all about covering the world news, especially from Pakistan and India. The news and articles here are updated daily. The latest news is published to all registered members of the site. If you are a member of any Indian or Pakistani travel tour or travel packages company, this is a great way to keep in touch with the field. The dinar currency, the rupee, is mentioned in the articles, which gives interesting background information to the subject. It also explains the significance of the dinar currency in the country of these countries.

If you plan to travel to Pakistan and plan to buy a plane ticket, the site will give you all kinds of information on the current exchange rate between the two countries. You can also browse through the different currencies available in the list and choose the most favourable one.

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Describe the Various Factors of Exchange Rate

The articles describe the various factors that directly bear on the exchange rate, such as political atmosphere, oil trade imbalance, and so on. Detailed lists of the various vendors, airlines, tour operators, car rentals, exchange rates at the airports in both countries, the detailed intel facts investors need to know about the exchange rate are provided by dinar chronicles.

The next thing that dinar chronicles publish is the current affairs from an Islamic perspective. You will get to read about the latest round of politics in Pakistan and India, particularly from the perspective of ordinary citizens. You will find the rumours running around the streets of Islamabad and Delhi and what exactly the government is doing to stop these rumours.

For example, rumours regarding the arrest of Benazir Bhutto for the murder of Gandhi; rumours regarding the presence of the Chinese troops along the Line of Control (LAC) in North Kashmir; and so on. You can also enjoy the minute-by-minute updates of the Line of Control in Kashmir from the Desk of Lieutenant General Masum Khan, who is in charge of the task force managing the flow of traffic into and out of Kashmir.

How to Find the Latest News from India and Pakistan

You will also find the latest news from India and Pakistan, particularly from investors’ perspectives in the Indian private sector. You will read about the new cabinet picks of the Indian government, the rise of the AAP government in Delhi, and the rumours going around the stock markets. The rise of the USD and the renminbi’s fall against the dollar continue to affect the exchange rate. You will be delighted to learn from the dinar experts about the exchange rate implications of the new loan package announced by the Indian government to take care of the debt of the state, disbursement of the pensions, and so on.

You can get to know many added things from the informative content of Dinar Chronicles, the Dubai-based digital magazine of International Business Times. The present economic scenario in Pakistan is extremely unstable, and we can expect further unrest in the coming period.

Why Investment in Share and Bonds is Risky

For investors in the private sector in Pakistan, this means an uncertain future for jobs, reduced sales, and rising inflation. This is why investment in shares and bonds is a risky proposition, and one must take adequate precautions before investing. The purchase of dinar shares from any financial institution is highly unwise at this point, as funds are tight, and the exchange rate against the USD has been falling steadily.

If you want to take the head start of the rally in the value of the USD and the reduction in the taxes imposed on imported goods in the current government, you should purchase products manufactured in Pakistan. However, the export of products from Pakistan to the Gulf States will incur heavy duties, so you might want to focus your attention on other countries.

The current government has granted concessions to several companies involved in business ventures in Pakistan and the neighboring regions to import cheap computers and other electronic goods from China to increase exports.

However, despite the growth of the economy in the country, it is important to remember that political stability is essential for long-term success in Pakistan. The government must do everything viable to prevent demonstrations and street conflicts, as they can lead to further damage to the economy, including further loss of precious foreign currency.

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