Digital Age Verification – Solution to a Gaming World in 2022

The gaming industry has been flourishing for a few years. And with that, the number of minors is also rising and that has just raised concerns for the regulatory authorities. Playing anonymously gives pleasure but is not something healthy. As you do not know when any fraudster comes in to play with you and uses the platform to get their illicit means. So, it’s your responsibility to perform age verification to protect yourself and the platform from minors. Age verification solution is securing the gaming industry in many ways. Before exploring them let’s look at what age verification is?

Online Age Verification 

Age verification is the process of verifying identity as well as the age of the individual before they purchase an age-exclusive product. Online businesses that sell age-restricted services or products are legally as well as ethically obligated to run KYC and KYCC including age verification to avoid minors from accessing services or products.

Ways Age Checks Help the Growth of Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is growing rapidly but at the same time attracting minors and this is really bad news for the gaming world. The use of the internet on a large scale has encouraged the youngsters to play games that are age-restricted and have raised concerns of their parents and the gaming sector. Here are some of the ways how the age verification process is promising the positive growth of the gaming world.

1- Corporate Social Responsibility

Each platform has some kind of responsibility towards the stakeholders as well as the community. And being a part of the online gaming world, it is your responsibility to avoid the onboarding of minors and also protect them as much as you can. And if you perform such age checks that can easily be ditched by the minors, will not be considered as a corporate social responsibility in this modern world. So, you require a better process that curbs all the issues related to age-exclusive services, and age verification is one of them. 

2- Better Compliance with Identity Verification Laws

Businesses that operate online are more strictly inspected by the identity verification authorities. And to comply with many regional regulations is not an easy job for gaming as well as other industries. However, the process of age verification online makes it convenient for the gaming industry to fulfill the requirements of age verification. It not only provides a quick solution to verify the age but also helps the industry keep them away. 

3- Fraud Prevention

With the passage of time, synthetic identity frauds are increasing in the gaming world. Minors utilize fake identities for completing the revision procedure while fraudsters use forged identities and harm the underage players present on the gaming platform. Besides identity fraud, a chargeback is another issue of gaming sites. However, the age verification systems help them to avoid fraudulent activities. 

4- Prevent Minor Exploitation

In the online gaming platform, you really do not know who is playing with you from the opposite side. From many possibilities, one is that a fraudster might get in touch with minors and take advantage of them for illegal benefits. Thus, once the age verified, it becomes clear who the minors are and it becomes easy to restrict them from accessing the site and exploiting the other player or the platform. 

5- Improve Brand Image

Besides many challenges faced by the gaming industry, one is to maintain the brand image. And it is really a tough job for any platform to maintain its reputation. Thus, this is where the age verification processes really help. They verify age of the customer and ensure that no minor or fraudster is onboarded. This result enhances the credibility of the gaming platform which automatically builds trust between the other players of the industry. Hence,  the reputation of the gaming industry or any industry that performs age verification is improved. 

Final Thoughts

The internet has just exposed minors to ditch the age verification checks and gain illegal benefits. If we carefully look at this aspect, it is not just a health danger, but also marks a question on the social and ethical responsibilities of the gaming industry. Minors now can easily ditch the online age verification process. The anonymous users on the gaming platform are rising and making it really tough for the industry to avoid or stop them. But using the latest age verification solution, gaming, and all other industries can check the age of their clients and ensure safety from minors. 

Jhon Digital
Jhon Digital
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