Content Marketing Metrics For Beginners


You may be thinking, why do I need to track potential customers? They may not be paying customers (yet), but they could be! It’s essential to know where you can improve processes or systems in places that could turn leads to conversions. 

Click-through rate, bounce rate, backlinks, page view – this may all be confusing marketing jargon for you, but it’s terms like these that may turn your company from making a loss to a profit, here’s why. 

It’s all about the customer’s online journey – where are they starting from? How did they get there? Where are they falling out of the buying process?

No consumer will want to buy from a company that offers an awful customer experience. For example, if a website is difficult to navigate, it’s going to be less likely to turn leads into sales. To ensure your customers are completing an (over) satisfactory customer experience (CX), then you must invest in getting it in tip-top shape

Where are they starting from? 

What page on your website is the lead starting at. They may have entered from searching your company name, or they could have searched for a question, and one of your blog posts included those keywords. It’s imperative to know what’s getting people to your site because then you know what your target audience is after. 

How did they get there? 

Are you paying for advertising, or is your social media gaining a lot of traction? The answer to this loops back to the first question – It’s imperative to know where leads are finding you because then you know where you can invest more in lead generation. 

Where are they falling out of the buying process?  

To understand why you aren’t getting those sales, you need to understand where your customers are dropping out of the buying process. This is when you’ll need to evaluate content marketing metrics. Again, it’s imperative to understand why your leads aren’t converting to sales. 

Why are content marketing metrics important? 

It may seem a little obsessive or obtuse, but knowing your consumer’s activity on your website is not only educational but slightly fascinating. You’ll know what works and what doesn’t — and when you find what isn’t work it you change it. It’s a reactive system that works. 

It may seem a little daunting when you start, but there are many content marketing metric how-to guides that can help with that. The lucky part to being a beginner is that you’re learning about technology; thereby, there will be a LOT of answers online. So if you ever find yourself in a rut or not sure how to interpret something, you can turn to the digital elders of the internet, and someone, somewhere, will have the answer for you. 

Learning about your website’s content marketing metrics could be the lifeline you’re looking for. It’s an eye-opener for those who have never used analytics to decipher the customer journey and, dare we say it, it’s fun!