Company Gift Vouchers: Creating Them Yourself


Companies are increasingly turning to gift cards to motivate their employees. With the help of the company’s themes, you may personalise the voucher or check. Your store can also create discount vouchers and give them to your most loyal customers or use them as a marketing tool.

So, below are the five easy steps to design your own gift voucher:

  1. Select a Design

Our templates cover many businesses, from retail stores to neighbourhood eateries to hair salons. Choose a gift certificate template from our vast library based on the industry you work in or browse until you find one that catches your eye. Now is the time to locate your gift card.

  1. Share Your Photos

Customer gift cards should never be forgotten. Make your voucher stand out in a sea of stale, crammed wallets by including eye-catching images. You’ll be able to trim, resize, and arrange your photographs wherever you like, whether you download your own or choose from the stock library.

  1. Add Your Text

Inform your customers about redeeming their gift certificates and any restrictions and conditions that may apply. You’ll have to type in your unique text in the well-placed content placeholders. New text boxes can be added virtually anywhere.

  1. Colour, Shape and More May All Be Altered to Your Liking

Gift certificates can do more than increase sales and foot traffic; they can also enhance awareness of your business. Take advantage of the various customisation options to reflect your company’s corporate identity and set the proper tone: alter colours, set transparencies, reorder sections, etc.

  1. You Can Download and Share the File or Print It Off

Your design can be downloaded as a PDF and printed locally, shared online with staff and clients or ordered as high-quality prints as soon as you’re finished.

Advantages of Custom Gift Cards

Recipients Will Appreciate the Uniqueness

Gifts tailored to the recipient’s unique preferences and demands are always appreciated. Design your own gift voucher because that will allow you to purchase a card that the recipient can only use, enhancing the sentimental value of the gift. Think about the recipient’s preferences and the occasion to send the perfect card.

The Delivery Process Is Straightforward

Using email as a delivery method, you can send the card right to the recipient’s inbox. There is a considerable sum saved by not having to pay for the gift’s packaging and delivery logistics. Even if you intend to give the card a physical gift, it is small enough to be wrapped and carried in a wallet or purse. No matter how you go about it, the person you’re buying the gift for will appreciate the thought you put into it.

You Can Make Purchases Online Using It

Almost everything can be purchased online these days, from clothing to shoes to books, accessories, and even electronics. Giving them a Gift Card is preferable to buying something they dislike. Any of the most popular online retailers will have a Gift Card that may be used to purchase any item of their choice within the designated amount of money.

Gift Cards Are Pretty Popular Among People of All Ages

Mostly everyone prefers to give Gift Cards as presents, especially around the holidays. Surprisingly, a recent survey said that almost 60% of respondents chose to receive a Gift Voucher over another type of gift. Neither the provider nor the recipient loses anything in this scenario.

Limits the Amount of Money You Spend

The temptation to go overboard while purchasing a present for a beloved one is vital. Gift Cards are handy in this situation because you may only buy them in specific amounts, preventing you from going overboard. With a Gift Card, you don’t have to worry about guessing what your loved ones want for birthdays or other special occasions. It’s time to give!