Are Cheap Charge Cables A Bad Idea?


Who does not want to purchase low-cost smartphone and laptop cables? Almost everyone has done this or wants to do this once in their lifetimes. Not only do these cables wear out easily but they also affect your devices. One should always use the cables that come with the respective devices as they are designed especially for them. These do not wear out easily if they are taken care of.

Let us have a look at how these cables are bad and affect your devices in the worst way:

People are using cheap cables

People buy all types of things that are not more costly. This depends completely on the person and the matter is entirely subjective. No one can stop anyone from buying a cable that is 50 cents or a screen protector of $1. What matters is that the USB cables that we use are dangerous because they are directly affecting the devices. Plugging in and plugging out the cable or transferring the data from one device to another might get affected by these cables. People these days are using these cheap cables in order to save their money. What you don’t know is that saving this money Is doing no good for them as the products wear out slowly and they might have to spend a lot in the future.

These cables are problematic

It is not being preached that these USB cables are bad, but one needs to be aware of their dangers. There is an obvious dip in performance when someone uses cables that are less costly. When you use a cheap cable normally it seems all okay, but it will cause your cell phone or laptop to charge a lot slower. It might seem normal, but the chips installed inside the devices can be damaged with these slow cables. A sudden burst out or slowing down of the phone is very common after using these products.

A battery is probably the most important part of a device. That is why it is always suggested that one should use the cable that comes with these phones in order to preserve the battery for a long time and for the device to function properly.

Why You Should Stop Using Them Now

In all the new devices that are being introduced in the market USB type C is the new standard. USB type C gives your phone 20 times more power than a normal 2.0 cable also it draws a lot more power. If compared a normal USB 2.0 supports 500mA up to 2A whereas type C delivers a current of 3A and it can also go up to 5A. with this being said there is a possibility that the next phone you buy will have a USB type C port for charging so it is suggested that you take great care of the cable that comes with it or else you’ll have to buy a cheap type C cable. it has been a real problem since the introduction of type C and it really affects the performance of your devices. stop using these cables if you are using them and replace them with original ones as soon as possible.

It does not only depend on a cable, but it also depends on the device‚Äôs battery as if it gets ruined it might ruin the whole product. A proper supply of power is very important for a device to function properly. Instead of buying cheap devices again and again and affecting the performance of your device you can buy an original charger with a high price as it might function for a long time. Also, there won’t be a performance issue. One can buy cheap products as much as they want but as long as they look aesthetic. If these products start affecting the performance, it is not a good idea to keep them with you.


Mobile phones are an important commodity in this tech world so in order to keep them safe and work for a long time it is suggested that you buy products that are original and do not affect the performance of your devices. You can spend the extra cash, but your peace of mind is really important.