What Are The Biggest Winnings That Have Been Achieved In Indian Casinos

The most important reason why anybody visits a casino is to win some great prizes. While a lot of fun can be enjoyed in these places, it is nowhere near compared to the thrill that can be experienced when hitting the jackpot, or when winning other kinds of rewards.

The online casino by Parimatch has already contributed with its fair share of fantastic rewards. However, there are lots of other incredible rewards to highlight. Here we will mention a few of them. After reading about them, probably those who have never been to a casino will want to get started in one of them.

Let’s put things in context. Before the world economy came to a standstill with the COVID pandemic, all the casino industry in India was worth almost a billion dollars. Once society goes back to normal, the casino industry in India and the rest of the world should experience a huge rebound and return to its pre-pandemic figures and projections.

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Some extremely lucky winners that have been obtained huge prizes in Indian casinos

Now we will talk about some of the most lucky individuals in India who went to a casino, probably without too many expectations, but were surprised by their luck in an extremely positive and lucrative manner. Here are some of the biggest winners in Indian casinos.

  • Ashok and Kirti Patel. They are a married couple of doctors who decided back in 2008 to get some lottery tickets in a casino in Mumbai and see how their luck would work. Probably they didn’t have too many expectations at that moment. However, little did they know that life would give them a huge smile. Eventually, their lottery tickets were winners and gave the couple approximately 8 crores, which is roughly equivalent to a million US dollars.
  • Laarni Bible. She was one of those people who from time to time would play in the slot machines to see if they could win some small prize. However, little did she know that playing the Mega Millions slot would change her life forever. Back in 2019, in this game she won an eye-watering prize of 550 million dollars. After she obtained the prize, nobody knew anything else about her. Hopefully she is enjoying her well deserved prize.
  • RP Manoharan. For many people winning the lottery is the dream of their life. However, this lucky man didn’t win the lottery just once, not even twice. He actually managed to do this three times. It is much more likely to die by being struck by lightning than achieving this feat. He became the only person in India to achieve this, and only a few selected people all over the world. In total, he won approximately 205 lakh. He played the lottery every month since he was of legal age, so his consistency really paid off.
  • Mojiful Sheikh. Before winning the lottery, Sheikh was in huge financial trouble, in fact, he couldn’t even afford to rent a place to be with his family. One day he decided to spend his entire monthly salary on purchasing a lottery ticket. This of course was a controversial decision. However, nobody knew that this decision would change his life forever. He eventually won an equivalent of US$ 100.000, enough to build a beautiful house for his family.

As it can be seen, not only luck has played a factor here, but also patience and perseverance. That’s why if a bet fails the first time, probably the next time could be a lucky one.

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