Top 28 Best Free Movie Apps for Android


Hey, Guys today I’m going to show you the best free movie apps for android, Remember ShowBox to watch movies via streaming? Here displays one of the most useful tools we’ve found so far but right now, a different name for Free Movie Streaming Apps, “Zone” tries to be its main competition with better features in its reproduction. So I’ll share the list of Top 30 best movie apps for android to Watch Movies online for free.

Best Free Movie Apps For Android

When it comes to watching movies I’m sure you’re the first option would have 123netflix, Amazon Prime or Sky Cinema and at a certain point you got to have problems with ShowBox or paid apps like Sky Go Extra (Only UK customers must be aware of it) they pay around £5 for this app and it’s bit expensive, maybe you should be aware of the different news that we will begin to take on this blog about “Zone”. So when it comes to watching the latest Movies and Series (Box Sets) we got choose the best free movie apps for Android. It is still in a beta testing stage, why there are shortcomings that the developer promises to correct within a short time. In this article, we will try to mention slightly, the pros and cons of this option.

It is still in a beta testing stage, why there are shortcomings that the developer promises to correct within a short time. In this article we will try to mention slightly, the pros and cons of this option for watching movies or TV show streaming tools that for the moment is not in the store Play Store. Or You can simply Download the Application.

Zone: The Best Free Movie Apps for Android

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, “Zone” is an Android application that still pitifully is in store Play Store. For this reason, the developer has placed the free movie apps APK for those interested can download it without paying absolutely nothing. For this purpose, we recommend using the link below.

We want to stress to everyone that this Android application belongs to Russian developers of third parties and therefore our blog, administrator and editors do not have to see “directly or indirectly” with its use. All we’ve done with this post is to try to see its benefits for stakeholders, the family can enjoy.

We are having made this clarification we might say slightly, the benefits are huge files and you can be watching movies via streaming in their natural language without having to pay absolutely nothing. Besides films, “Zone” will also have the ability to watch varianceTV series.

Any selection you make they’ll save your favorites. To do this, you only have to touch the heart-shaped icon that appears in the description of your selection. Then you have to choose the hamburger icon located on the top left, to see what your favorite saved.

The biggest advantage we found with “Zone” is the fluency of video playback. This is due to the Android application relies on Torrent servers that provide seeds (parts) of the film and therefore there is no freezing. It is advisable to try to have a good Internet connection to work with this smooth playback of movies and television series.

When you select that movie in which you’re interested, you immediately jump to the window of the description thereof. There Zona shows the cast, year of production, qualification and other more facts that are sure to appeal to movie lovers.

Zone: The Downside Of This Android Tool

Just as there are quite good to highlight aspects, Zone, unfortunately, we have to mention that this beta version still has a lot of elements that are sure to annoy your users. The interface is in English and most movies are in a language that is generally not the Spanish.

Some of them are in Russian, English, Indian and a few other languages. There is also the disadvantage that there is no possibility of putting subtitles on the Android version as we did with ShowBox, a situation that practically makes us desist from seeing any selection you have.

If you want to have a better experience with the area, we recommend Install to the Windows version because it is the most complete that exists at the moment. To do this, you only have to go to the post through the link we have placed at the top (as part of the content of this article). You may notice that there are even specialized in helping to filters find movies in the language we want. During playback, also have the choice available subtitles and some other audio track.

Now if the Windows version is much better than Android in any way we recommend using the Web version of Zone. The latter relies exclusively on the Internet browser but its interface is completely in Russian and therefore it is very difficult to identify the name with each of its buttons.

We do not know when that would have appeared Zone and Android application for Windows or online tool, but if we can ensure that developers should take a good amount of time to try to improve their proposal if they wish to overcome what currently exists with Kodi, IPTV, VLC or the same ShowBox which we have spoken so much on this blog. Hence Zone remains one top in the list of best free movie apps for Android.

List of 28 Best Free Movie Apps for Android

  1. Amazon Instant Video (30 Day FREE trial)
  2. Netflix (30 Day FREE trial)
  3. Bobby Movie Box (For iOS only)
  4. Big Star Movies
  5. CinemaBox
  6. Crackle
  7. Flipps HD
  8. Free Movies
  9. Hubi
  10. Hulu
  11. MegaBox HD
  12. Movie HD App
  13. MovieTube
  14. Movie Box
  15. Newest Movie .HD
  16. PopCornTime
  17. Popcornflix
  18. PlayBox HD
  19. ShowBox
  20. Sky Go Extra (Only for the UK)
  21. SnagFilms Watch Free Movies
  22. Showbox App
  23. Spuul (Only for India)
  24. TubiTV
  25. ViewSter
  26. ViVaStart
  27. YouTube 
  28. Yidio

Also not to forget Hotstar (only for India) If you know any other app or website please share it in the comment section below, for now, Be Kind, If you like this article does not forget to share this best free movie apps for Android and iOS with anyone whom you think it will help!