Choose a Best DVD Copy Software


DVD copy software is also called a DVD cloner which is an application that can do backup or clone to the various types of DVDs. Usually, the software also includes a DVD converting and DVD burning functions.

There are so many wonderful software products are on the market, which should we buy? That’s the key problem. Firstly we should make out what we want it to do? And from there we conclude the most suitable program to get.

For example, you need to know the program converting speed means how long it will take to copy a DVD. Other features like CSS decryption, built-in, or add-on? Can it compress D9 to D5? and more. Here is a professional test and review for you to consult.

9 Factors to Consider When Choosing a DVD Copier Software

There are many criteria to judge a good DVD copy software including software stability, quality of copy, ease of use, and more. Here are the details:

Price – This is the most important consideration for many people. As you know different software comes with different pricing. Certain software always offers a discount coupon while others do not have. Also, some software comes with a package that generally cheaper in price!

Stability – This is more important than you think, nobody wants a program which often gets crashed even though it has amazing features and sale support. So, always look for stable software that is compatible with your operating system.

Ease of use – Have to say most of you desire a software which can do all the copy jobs with only a few clicks. We know that a simple user-interface is important for a newbie to use certain software.

Quality of copy – Different DVD copy programs have a different quality of output that the software can produce. A free trial download and review will help you to test drive and see the output quality.

Speed – As you know the DVD contents is not small and if you need to copy lots of DVDs, then the speed becomes critical as different software offers different copying speeds. Check out the embedded technology used to develop the program.

Customer Support – This factor is very important if you purchase the software. Normally software comes with online help, FAQs, forum, and email support. You want to ensure that you get the best support if you encounter any problem such as when you want to upgrade the program.

Operating System (OS) – The freeware software or open-source is less in features and generally less stable. Some paid tools only available in Windows OS and not available in Mac or Linux.

Language – Is the programming language important for you? This is especially important if your native language is not English. People always prefer to use their own language but not all the copier software can support that!

Features – All features are listed above are very visibly, you can easily get what features the program has and other not mentioned, likeability to copy D9 to D5, batch copying, copy discs with CSS decryption or region code and so on.


This article outlines the main points of things to consider when you want to get a reliable DVD software. If you are serious in getting a program that you can trust, we hope that you read it carefully and choose great software.

If you really no idea which software to choose from, we recommend the DVD Cloner 2020 by OpenCloner Inc. If you are limited in budget, you can get the cheaper Tipard DVD Cloner that also can do the copying job pretty good.

All the best in hunting the great DVD copier for your DVD backup needs!