Basic Strategies to Play Crypto Blackjack In bitcoin casino

Crypto blackjack is the ideal game for both players and casino operators, you have complete control over your playing strategies and winnings, yet it still offers all the excitement of traditional blackjack. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some basic strategies for winning at crypto blackjack.

Basic Strategies

Basic strategies for blackjack are designed to help you play the best possible hand with the cards you get while minimizing the house edge and increasing your chances of winning.

There Are Two Main Approaches To Basic Strategy

  • Basic Strategy Charts

These are usually printed on laminated cards that include all possible hands, their respective numbers, and what action should be taken in each case. 

You keep these cards close by as you play so that if you’re dealt a specific hand, you know what moves to make immediately, however, these charts only work when there’s no dealer upcard; in situations where there is a dealer card showing meaning their hand is known. 

Players have a different set of rules for how they must act based on whether or not their hand beats or ties the dealer’s current total value which includes any face-up cards.

  • Basic Strategy Tables 

If charting isn’t your thing but using software isn’t an option either often due to convenience or legal reasons, this might be your best bet since it provides complete detail without requiring specific memorization skills as charts do. 

However, its downside is that it lacks flexibility due to its rigid nature when compared with charts which allow players some wiggle room based on personal preference or situational factors such as splitting pairs versus doubling down against certain types of hands.

Learn The Basic Strategies To Make Crypto Blackjack Game More Enjoyable

In order to become a great crypto blackjack player, you need to learn the basic strategies of the bitcoin casino game, this will help you understand where your best chances are and when to take risks.

The first thing you should do is split pairs if they are suited or of equal value, this means that if your cards have both red suits clubs or diamonds, then splitting them will increase your odds of winning by making it more likely that one hand wins even if the other loses.

If one card is worth 10 points and another is worth 5 points, then doubling down on yourself means betting twice as much as usual for each hand so that instead of getting paid 2:1 for winning with only one card, now each hand pays 4:1 if it wins itself alone.

This strategy works well when playing against dealers who have less than 17 in their hand due because these hands often hold higher value cards like Aces which can be removed from play at any time during this round without affecting how well their own bets are doing at all.

So while they’re still trying their hardest just imagine how much easier it would be without those pesky Aces messing everything up.


We hope you enjoyed learning the basic strategies of crypto blackjack, this game is a lot of fun and it can be played with friends or even by yourself, so don’t let the opportunity to play pass you by.



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