Effective Impact of Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)


Globally, the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) market has evolved at a faster pace in the past few years, aided by rapid advancement in many of the technologies used. It is considered to be the driving force for the ASRS market enlargement. Automated Storage and Retrieval System or ASRS is a form of warehouse automation technology that consists of a variety of computer-controlled systems that through robotic power place and retrieve masses from the set storage positions in a warehouse with correctness, precision, and rapidity based upon the demand.

It comprises three main components: A structural grid for the purpose of storage and transportation lanes, carry robots to put away and fetch inventory to a picking station, and storage bins to hold inventory. This technological system includes many components such as shuttles, cranes, vertical lift modules, carousels, unit loads, mini-loads, and robots. Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems are formed to program the functions by sorting, unloading, staging, putting away, storage, order-picking, and loading. It is usually used in automotive, electronics, e-commerce, food, jewelry, paper, plastics, and pharmaceuticals.

The automated storage and retrieval system constitute various forms of systems such as Unit-Load Automated Storage and Retrieval System, Mini-Load Automated Storage and Retrieval System, Vertical Buffer Modules (VBMs), Shuttles, Floor Robots, Vertical Lift Modules, Horizontal Carousels, Vertical Carousels, and Single, Double and Multi-Towers. Each type of Automated Storage and Retrieval System runs in a different manner, but all have the same objective of boosting up warehouse procedures. It lessens the time and manpower needed to move and place the substances.

In Thailand, there are companies that provide a logistical explanation for handling items within an industrial unit or warehouse by machine, types of equipment, and arrangements through automated operations. The automated storage and retrieval system in one of Bangkok’s airports functions with two cranes in a single warehouse. AS/ RS size is projected to grow at a rate of 4.4 percent during 2021-2026 within the top countries including Asia Pacific states such as Thailand.

This article highlights how this system of automated storage and retrieval system can improve efficiency in a warehouse or storage. Let’s learn the key to function a warehouse in a proficient manner. So, an automated storage and retrieval system can work in areas that are not human-friendly such as freezer storage areas. Similarly, they can operate at the levels where humans are unable to navigate. Furthermore, they provide excellent warehouse services to maximize floor space by making better usage of vertical space.

Generally, an ASRS leads to a reduction in labor costs which ultimately generates errorless outcomes. An automated storage and retrieval system results in liberty from human labor, and this results in reduced labor cost and increased accuracy as computers can avoid human errors. Efficiency has advanced to the point at which a properly programmed automated storage and retrieval system can notify the workers of inventory near its expiration date and place the shipments to prevent damage. Productivity is attained as a result of continuous maneuver and warehouse volume utilization improves cube consumption in the warehouse. It strengthens the ability to pick and manage inventory or, in other words, provides increased throughput.

TheASRS is considered to be an amazing supplement that adds value to the warehouses where the extent of sensitivity of products is high and needs to be controlled and stored with care. The automated storage and retrieval system is a powerful investment that can be made in storage or warehouse facilities as it shifts the traditional processes to a modernized progression.

With the rapid growth of technology, automated storage and retrieval system has also advanced. People are getting more and more attracted towards this system, and it is now demanded heavily for running out the operations. Are you running low on space? Are you dealing with labor constraints? Do you want to add throughput implementation through automation? Want to fuel your growth? So opt for the ASRS which will provide a worthy solution that fits best for your supply chain as it would help in planning, leading, controlling, and organizing through multiple benefits to sustain the development of the company in pace with customer demands which will help in holding an edge in order to frame dynamic bottom line, businesses need to take full advantage of assets along with improved labor yield.

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