Are My Oil Rig Injuries Serious Enough To Hire A Lawyer?


Are you an oil rig worker injured on the job and unsure if your injuries warrant pursuing a claim? Injuries sustained at sea can be severe; therefore, consulting with an oil rig injury attorney may be beneficial.

An experienced lawyer will help you understand the best course of action for your situation and provide expert legal guidance throughout any ensuing claims process. Read on to find out more about when getting a lawyer is necessary following offshore accidents.

What To Do If You Were Injured in An Oilfield Accident

It’s essential to take the proper steps immediately following an oilfield accident to file a successful claim. Your employer may be looking for any way they can use against your case, so all your actions from start to finish must be executed with precision and accuracy because their bottom line is always the top priority:

1- Stop Working Immediately After The Accident

If you experience a workplace injury, the wisest action is to cease all work immediately. Further activity could worsen your condition and make it harder for medical professionals to diagnose or treat it accurately.

2- Do Not Sign Any Document

Ensure you do not sign any document or agreement regarding the accident before consulting with a lawyer. Employers may pressure you into signing documents limiting your rights and entitlements. So, you must seek legal counsel immediately with oil rig injury attorneys to ensure your case is handled correctly.

3- Report the Accident to Your Employer

Filing a worker’s comp report starts with reporting any workplace incident, no matter how minor. Even if you’ve escaped without life-threatening injuries, it is essential to inform your supervisor so they can take appropriate safety measures and initiate the paperwork for your compensation claim.

4- Demand Medical Attention

When dealing with an injury sustained on the job, your employer has ultimate control over whom you can see to evaluate it. But in emergencies requiring immediate medical attention, you have a right to choose the hospital that best meets your needs and affords comprehensive care for accurate diagnosis and treatment of any injuries incurred.

5- Hire an Experienced Oilfield Accident Attorney

When dealing with an oilfield accident, you must hire oil rig injury attorneys specializing in this law area. Experienced oil rig injury attorneys will have the expertise and knowledge necessary to handle your case effectively and provide legal guidance throughout every step of the process.

You Deserve Compensation Regardless Of The Severity Of Your Injuries

No matter how severe an injury may be, if you were hurt due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your suffering. Whether the medical bills are low or high, hospital stays short or lengthy, the best option for ensuring recovery is to get what you deserve in terms of fair restitution.

Working with a qualified attorney can help outline the damages you should pursue to ensure that all your medical needs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more are covered.

Are My Injuries Serious Enough To Hire Oil Rig Injury Attorneys? – In Conclusion

It is essential for those injured on oil rigs to know that the law protects them and their rights as employees. They have the right to proper medical care and compensation for any injuries they may suffer. Regardless of the severity of your injury, a seasoned oil rig injury attorney can help build a case in your favor and fight for the maximum benefit you deserve.