All You Need to Know about Trophies and Awards.


Remember when you would win a medal or trophy in school, and a thrill of excitement would climb up your spine? Or maybe you already have a beautiful collection displayed in your home.

Did you know? Dani Alves, a very famous footballer, won 42 trophies over his lifetime. This shows that trophies and awards are excellent markers of achievement.

If you’re interested in knowing all about the different types of trophies and awards, then keep on reading.

What are the different types of trophies and awards?

There are so many trophies and awards that are going through them can get quite confusing. Whether you need something on a budget or a very expensive crystal trophy, something is available for everyone.

You can even personalise your trophy. Won’t it be great to have your name be engraved on an award you won forever?

Well, here’s a list of the different types of trophies you can keep an eye out for.

Economy trophies:

These are “cheap”, “inexpensive”, or “entry-level” trophies. They generally have a small base made of marble and a figurine on top. A column can also be used for the same purpose. You can personalise the award by engraving or printing on these trophies.

Participation trophies:

One of the most famous trophies out there, participation trophies are generally made up of the following materials:

  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Plastic

The trophy can be shaped like a figurine, depending on the occasion. Won’t it be cool to receive an award shaped like a paintbrush when you participate in an art contest? These are nicer than economy trophies and of better quality too.

Resin trophies:

These are exciting trophies as they can be given lifelike details to them. So, you have the opportunity to make some innovative designs and be creative with them. They are based on the price of oil is since these are made from petroleum.


A plaque has multiple configurations you can use it with. The amount of different kinds of engraving you can get on a plaque is insane. In addition to this, picture plaques also exist, which means that you can make a plaque super personalised with the help of photos.

Acrylic trophy:

This type of trophy is an alternative to your run-of-the-mill glass or crystal trophy. The best part about this type of trophy is that it can be shaped in any way or form. Moreover, it isn’t super expensive either.

As the name suggests, they are prepared using acrylic poured into a resin cast. Hence, the scope for personalisation is very vast. Isn’t that good news?

Championship trophies:

Championship trophies or annual awards are also called the “perpetual trophies”. They are large and are a tremendous honour to receive. Interestingly, they are also called travelling trophies. Furthermore, they can be awarded to an individual or a team, depending upon the sport or activity.

Having a trophy or award in your arsenal feels good, as it is a physical reminder of your achievement. You can hold and display the fruits of your hard work and labour literally in your hands. The next time you win a trophy, don’t forget to identify what kind it is.