5 Things to Look for In A Ruby on Rails Developer


Are you looking for hiring a Ruby on Rails web development company or an individual developer in India? Well, that’s a bit troublesome job. Why? We are going to discuss that!

As per several survey results,

  • The growing demand for professional Ruby on Rails developers and the fake and fraudulent candidates are making the process difficult
  • Most of the leading companies have increased their quotation considering increasing demand, hence it is difficult to find inexpensive RoR development companies
  • Selecting authentic and qualified professionals from the hoard of unprofessional, beginner developers is practically a challenge

As everyone would agree, in the present scenario, we need our businesses to compete with exceptional websites, objective-based web applications, and mobile applications. And therefore, we need to employ the most proficient Ruby on Rails developers.

Hence, don’t go for any randomly available Ruby on Rails development company. Find a suitable one to discuss your requirements and hand over your project.

5 Tips to Choose and Hire Ruby on Rails Developer in India

There are several methods to do such filtration, and here we have mentioned the 5 Things to look for in a Ruby on Rails Developer for choosing the right Ruby on Rails website development agency or an individual developer.

  • Hire Specialized Ruby on Rails Developers/ Programmers
    Ruby on Rails is a comparatively new, fast, and one of the most flexible frameworks for developing adaptable web apps. But the challenge is to hire the right person or company for Ruby on Rails development services, who are specialized and proven. Any developer, proficient in multiple software development is not necessarily expert in Ruby on Rail, as well. Hence, while hiring the RoR developer, make sure they have profound knowledge of all the ruby versions released lately. Therefore, there won’t be ant apprehension for up-gradation of your newly developed app to a newer version.
  • Experienced & Skilled Workforce MattersExperience means a lot when you are surrounded by extreme competition. Hence, self-proclaimed experts might be a poor choice for your business. Hire a Ruby on Rails development company having at least an experience of 5 years. Industry experienced developers practice accurate and verified project management tools and software versioning control tools to handle the code ensuring that make sure your codes will be safe from external threats.
  • Crosscheck the DevOps Team & Communication SkillMake sure to ask about the masterminds behind the Ruby on Rails web development project. Check out the team members working for your project, what is their combined experience, etc. Also, make sure they communicate well. Otherwise, how would they understand and deliver your task!

    Also, make sure they won’t do any unnecessary works that might engage more time and money. Pay for what you need.

  • Check If They Are Result DrivenIt may not know about RoR development, but you have a clear conception of what your business needs, and ideas you cherish.So, the next criteria to look into before hiring a dedicated Ruby on Rails web development company is monitoring if the individual developer or the development company is committed to performing feasible solutions.

    Though they may be experts in this field, it is your business that they will be working for. So, make sure the professionals have the ability and dedication to present your concept in the most productive way possible.

  • Ask for Previous Client ReferencesA leading web development agency with impressive growth in the app development industry won’t mind sharing their past client details with their new, potential patrons. It’s about how they consider building their client commitment.

    Therefore, we recommend businesses to check if the app development company openly shares their references for their happily satiated clients, along with their privileges and agreements. Transparency – this is a different kind of verbal evidence, but something that is far more persuasive and convincing. Appreciating a client’s real-time experience with the company helps you grow super sure of their services.

If you think these things are important enough for your considerations to help you pick the right Ruby on Rails developer or a development company offshore, for your next project, also consider our suggestion to hire developers for Ruby on Rails development India.

Why so?

The main factor of this recommendation is cost-effectiveness.


As compared to the Ruby on Rails developers in the USA charging an average of $124,602/Year, Indian Ruby on Rails development companies charges as low as $7,500/Year on average, which means a bare 94% savings on your budget.

So, what’s your next move? Feel free to write to us!