5 Stupid Tech Habits to Quit in 2020


We have a brand new year here; 2020. It is time to let go of old and bad habits to kick start a new life. If losing some habits can make your tech life easier, you should definitely go for it.

The technology universe is expanding by each passing year and this brings advancement in smartphones, tablets, laptops and even security platforms. Being behind the curve can lead to many security issues that could be tragic for you.

We all know it’s not that easy to kill a habit, that’s exactly why we came up with this post to emphasise on the importance of leaving these 5 stupid tech practices and show you how to do it.

1. Using the Same Password for Different Sites

Using one single password for several sites is too much trouble, because in case if anyone of those sites gets compromised, the attacker gets access to all of your online accounts with the same information. Having to keep too many passwords in your memory is a big headache too. 

This is why you should give password managers like LastPass a try. If you haven’t tried a password manager before, it works by storing your passwords and usernames for you. 

It even has the features like generating new passwords when you can’t think of a new good one, and the best part is you can access it from anywhere online. So, if you are fed up with passwords, it’s time for a change that gives you peace of mind.

2. Failing to Back up your Photos

I can never overlook the panic of nearly losing all of my ever precious photos captured with a smartphone just because I was too lazy to sync it with my pc. I don’t have to elaborate on how bad it can be if you lose great photos. 

This is an easy-to-fix problem today.  If you use your smartphone as your primary camera (very common nowadays), make the smart decision of installing an app that can backup your photos and videos to the cloud automatically.

You have too many options when it comes to cloud storage apps. The default photos app on android can be set up to make automatic backups. Dropbox offers a similar functionality if you set up camera upload. If you are using a Windows phone, you have 15 GB of free cloud storage on OneDrive.

3. Ignoring the Facebook Settings

It’s really easy to use Facebook to see what’s up with your friends or favourite celebrities and post photos and statuses to let others know what you’re up to. Apart from that, when did you last visit the privacy settings page on Facebook to make sure you are safe on social media? 

It is very important to keep your privacy on the social network for tonnes of reasons. If you’ve been ignoring this, it is high time to change and beware of the risk. The settings area might look boring or confusing, but setting it up for better privacy is worth it.

Facebook has been under scrutiny lately pertaining to various data misuses and security issues. However, after a lot of criticism, they have introduced more control over location data sharing for the users. If you care about the security of your Facebook data, you should promptly take a look at the privacy and data sharing controls and make the appropriate changes.

4. Running Flash All The Time on your Laptop

Everyone loves to play online videos with a click of the mouse, but Flash can consume ram and other resources of your laptop to a great extent that the laptop fans have to spin faster in an attempt to cool your PC down. You shouldn’t leave flash running all the time when you don’t really need it. 

You can easily get plugins that block flash content on web pages for both Google Chrome and Firefox. Using these plugins not only give your PC a little rest which it needs but also save your data and speeds up browsing.

You would actually be surprised with the battery life of your laptop after disabling flash. Of course, the sites might look a bit different without flash, but it’s worth it. We have a great article on how to improve your laptop battery backup, which would be really helpful if you need a longer battery backup.

5. Living with your Phone’s Default Interface

Well, this one’s only for the android smartphone users who simply don’t change the default UI that their phone came with. If you are on android, you can easily alter the way your phone displays apps and widgets which can make your phone look more like you want it to be. 

Smartphone makers like HTC, Samsung, LG and Sony all redesign android with their own sense of design. Luckily, you can switch the UI by installing android launchers. There are a wide variety of launchers to choose from and installation is the same as that of apps.

Letting go of these not so good tech-habits can make your tech life easier for sure, let us know if you know any more like these.

About the author:

Chloe Parker is a gamer and gadget lover. She covers topics around technology like gaming laptop reviews, trending tech news and best-of lists. Check out more of her writing on techsive.com