5 Effective Tips to Secure Your Data in the Cloud

In today’s age of technology, cloud computing has emerged as the blessing that everyone looks up to. It has transformed the landscape of technology in more ways than one.

Thanks to cloud computing, you do not need to carry your portable devices no matter where you go. People now find it extremely easy to manage and store their data as they can access it anytime and anywhere they need with just a few clicks.

While cloud computing comes with a lot of advantages, there are also some issues of safety involved in this case. This is because most of us are not aware of how to secure data on the cloud.

The issues of security can be categorised into concerns faced by both the service provider of the cloud storage and those confronted by the customers. To avoid problems the cloud service provider should make sure that the service is secure and that the user’s data are protected.

Some of the usual cloud computing risks include –

  • Violation of existing controls
  • Sensitive data loss
  • Hacked interfaces
  • Malware infections
  • Account hijacking
  • Insider threat

However, the possible threats to the data don’t mean they cannot be made secure. Here are a few practical tips with the help of which you can secure your cloud experience and make it risk-free.

  • Back Up the Data Locally
    When it comes to the managing data you have to always have a backup. It is advisable that you create electronic copies for any of the data so you can access them even if you lose the original data or your data get corrupted. Now there are a lot of services of cloud storage in the market today which implies that you can establish physical some cloud accounts for the backup purposes. If you have data saved in the cloud, you should also backup the data in the external storage drive or a device. This way you can access the information when you have no Internet connection.


  • Don’t Store Sensitive Information Ever
    Nothing is secure and safe online. You should be seeking the complete privacy on the web. All information and data can be vulnerable to the cyber hackings and threats no matter how much you try. Added to that, there is also the added risk of identity theft. To minimise that risk it is better not to store your sensitive information and top-secret files in the cloud. Even if you have to out such details make sure that you have encrypted them.


  • Go with a Service that Encrypts Your Data
    With risks to data and files prominent on the web it is a sensible move to select the cloud services that encrypt data. This is going to ensure an extra layer of defence and security to your data since the encryption requires decryption for the accessibility. Added to that, these steps can also keep the data safe from the service providers and admins which is why you are going to be benefited from that. In the same way, you will be better off in cases where they could services you have selected also does the encryption with the phases of upload and download phase.


  • Encrypt Your the Data
    Prior to uploading the files on the cloud, it is always advisable that you encrypt your data even though the cloud storage encrypts them automatically. There are a plethora of encryption tools that are third-party that can password protect or encrypt the files once you have edited them. This way they are encrypted prior to being uploaded.


  • Use a Strong Password
    The password that you choose will stand as the guard between the data and hacking attempts on the cloud. Using the easily guessable and weak keywords implies that you are surrendering into the trap of the hackers for stealing your data for their malicious benefits. You should also choose a unique and strong password by using a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. It is always advisable to change then password frequently for avoiding all kinds of risks. The risks can also be brought down by 2 step verification.

Apart from the above, the experts of cyber-security including the professionals of web development and pardot form development also suggest to use anti-malware or antivirus to protect your vital pieces of information as well as your device from being any type of cyber thefts.



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