5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021


There is no corner in the marketing industry that changes more than digital marketing. As each year we are introduced to new technology, the old ones are being pushed out. It is too difficult to keep up with the latest digital marketing trends in the industry, as they keep changing with the speed of light. In addition to this, most companies have seen a drop in their revenue due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, they spend 90% of their marketing budgets on putting digital hoardings on social media and other websites.

In such a gem packed field, you need to stay one step ahead of others to stay on the bleeding edge. So here are some online marketing trends you need to know about in 2021. 

You can’t ignore the importance of SEO when talking about digital marketing trends in 2021. But you need to ask yourself if your brand is able to connect the right dots for SEO? According to the research, 75% of the users search for the company’s online reputation before getting into business with them, and a big chunk of that happens to take place on the search result page. If you think your work is complete by ranking your website on a couple of keywords, then we hate to burst your success bubble. 

On the other hand, you can’t zoom out far from your focused niche. Otherwise, you will lose your potential customers who are searching close to your keywords. This hard balancing act of keywords will be accelerating in 2021. 

Somehow, SEO and ORM go hand-in-hand, and if your company’s reputation is having negative search results no doubt it will impact your SEO perspective as well. To address the SEO perspective, first, address the ORM negativity by opting for the best online reputation management services

  • Voice Search Is The Future

Right now, voice search is not a part of Google’s search algorithm, but still, we can see its influence on search results. Voice search queries yield out utterly different search results from the SERP in comparison to text-based search. For being relevant with the digital marketing trends of 2021, companies need to be on their toes with voice search optimisation, and be the early adopters of a new search medium. 

  1. Keep In Mind For Image & Video SEO For Visual Searches 

You can search for the image and the video by typing in the keyword on the search bar. But do you know you can even search by submitting a similar video or a picture? With more and more people getting this knowledge, the whole landscape of SEO is changing slowly, but significantly. Websites need to start capitalising on visual searches to keep their image and video SEO campaigns in the best shape. You always need to have an alt-text with the image you’re uploading. Also, to get the visual SEO juice, you need to have a dedicated image sitemap and always try to upload high-quality photos. 

  • Content Needs To Be Interactive 

If you are handling a social media account, you know your content needs to be interactive. The content which makes people click, like, share and comment is the one that gives you the best engagement while providing the user with the best value for his time. You can start with the quizzes, open-ended questions, surveys, contests, and giveaways. The very least an interactive post does is, it increases the length of the time a user engages with your content. As a result, you have a better standing in the social media algorithm. 

  • Chatbots To Make Things Easier 

One of the latest digital marketing trends is chatbots taking over websites. It will take some time for your audience to engage with the chatbots, as the conversations will be a little clunky and less helpful than the ones with a human. But as the chatbot gets mature overtime, its AI starts to take in the data of conversations to answer queries more precisely. The chatbot which you are using will reach the level of conversational capability. The deployment of a chatbot will give you enough time to think about other things, and the customer representative’s work will go on autopilot. If you have any fear in the back of your mind related to the deployment of AI-based chatbots, then put them to rest, as the AI and ML are now more than powerful enough to keep up the conversation with humans without making silly errors. 

In Conclusion 

The online world of social commerce is exploding, and we can surely see new competitors jumping in with their investments, particularly in the social media market. As a result, to meet the demands of online competition, you need to have someone reliable who can give you results. Amura is one of the leading digital agencies in Mumbai, which is providing outstanding results to its plethora of clientele in the online world by making its brands stand out from the competition, both on the internet and on social media platforms.