4 Examples of Timeless Office Christmas Party Themes

The season of merrymaking and joy is here and it is the most wonderful time of the year. You must be caught in a debacle as to whether it is necessary to throw a Christmas party or not. Hosting a party in a professional setup is a subtle way of showing gratitude to your team, staff, co-workers and employees. And it strengthens their sense of belonging and shall go on to help your organisation well in the future. Hence, it must be more than clear to you whether hosting such an event helps anyone or not. 

But there is a catch. The party must do well, resonate with the people, and mustn’t be a dud. So if that’s something that bothers you, this article will give you a glimpse of some timeless office Christmas party themes and how to carry them out with minor details like what food and drinks must be served to the kind of christmas party invitation to send out, everything has been listed down, so you wouldn’t go wrong anywhere.

Vintage Christmas Party

A vintage-themed party can never go wrong. As the festive period is a time filled with nostalgia, people tend to reflect on their happy childhood memories. To host such an event, you could simply as everyone to keep their attire formal, elegant and something that matches the era you’ve chosen like tweed tuxes and midi gowns from the 60s and 70s. For the decorations, look for retro decor like posters, ornaments, paper lanterns, etc.

A Glamour Christmas Party

This party is all about bright, loud and bold colours and dazzling decorations representing the glamour of nightlife. With this kind of event, you wouldn’t want to miss throwing in some neon lights and disco balls. Have the guests come dressed in their best attire for this theme by maybe mentioning it in the christmas party invitation. Throwing such an event would make everyone feel like they were VIPs at a sophisticated party. You could also add a red carpet that leads to the Christmas tree.

A Naughty or Nice Cocktail Party

This theme is a great way to channelise the Christmas spirit by hosting a cocktail party where all the guests come dressed as naughty or nice characters. Some great pictures can be clicked in such an event. To ensure the festive vibe is high, serve holiday cocktails like eggnogs, white Christmas margaritas, Christmas punch, and so on. If this idea fascinates you, why not take the team to a bar where the bartenders would be in charge of serving some high-end holiday cocktails and keep them coming?

Casino Night

Hosting a party with such a team will ensure that your coworkers mingle and get along with each other and helps in bonding and team building. Host blackjack roulette or poker games and just watch these games do the magic. Such a theme would seem very fancy, and to match that, it would be great if the guests’ attires and decor of the event were classy and elegant to resonate with the overall tone. 

Everyone would love the idea of sipping champagne while tricking one another between the games. This is also an easier theme to pull off compared to the rest. All you have to do is hire the gaming equipment and tables.

Summing Up

Now that you have come across ideas of some great themes, it must have become clear that a corporate Christmas party need not be boring. There are multiple party themes apart from these that can boost the spirit of the people and make the event memorable. Just ensure that everything right from the decor to the drinks and the Christmas party invitation shall all resonate with the overall theme of the event.

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