3 Proven Ways to Reduce Accidents in the Workplace


Health and safety in the workplace are naturally of upmost importance, regardless of the industry in which your company is based and even your specific role within the business.

Furthermore, when it comes to protecting the employees of a company, both from physical harm and from administrative errors (that can affect not only their pay-packet, but also threaten their contentment in the job and chances of progression), the more vigilant a business is, the better.

With that being said, continue reading to learn of three proven ways to reduce accidents in the workplace.


1.    Heighten the Frequency of Risk Assessments


For human resources employees, the amount of paperwork can sometimes be more than a little daunting but carrying out regular checks which are not only legally required, but are also necessary from a moral and ethical standpoint, is one of the best ways to reduce the possibility of an accident.

Risk assessments allow a company to ascertain the measures they have put into place which are working as well as the ones which need to be looked into urgently. From investing in top-quality signage which use custom stencils to clearly mark out areas of the building which require personal protective equipment, to ensuring the fire exits and safety barriers throughout a warehouse are always free from obstruction, risk assessments are integral to a safer working environment.


2.    Arrange Wellness & Safety Training Sessions


Even for those employees who have been working for the company for many years and who know the building like the back of their hand, there is still a strong need for them to attend training sessions.

It may well be the case that new structures, policies and procedures have been implemented over the last few years and although new recruits to the company are fully aware of the changes, employees who have been there longer have simply not been duly updated and informed.

Additionally, actively seeking to highlight the importance of being aware of health and safety risks to both employees and customers or clients mean that such a topic is consistently at the forefront of their thinking. It will also serve to cultivate an atmosphere of togetherness and responsibility.


3.    Highlight the Importance of Doing Things Properly


The third most effective and important way of ensuring you, both as a company and as an individual, are doing absolutely everything in your power to reduce and hopefully entirely eradicate workplace accidents is to impress the importance of being thorough.

Taking shortcuts when it comes to a practice which an employee carries out each and every day as part of their fundamental job role is all well and good where the tools and equipment they use ensure it is safe to do so, but with anything manual, shortcuts should be strongly discouraged.

The best way to ensure that your workplace reports a low number of accidents in the workplace is to unite the team by teaching them that they will always be safer if they work together.