Site Migration

Some interesting stuff going on!  I recently ported my sites off of Hostgator.  I realized that it just did not make sense to keep paying $6.95 a month for what I was actually taking advantage of: one wordpress blog (this site) and one static site.  Not to mention, the particular shared hosting plan I was using limited me to one domain name associated with services/applications of that plan.  

No more!  I have now migrated the Codehabitude Blog to and setup the custom domain name (which is a cheap process at only $13 per year).  The transition was also very easy.  Wordpress has a pretty good export/import feature that brought over all my data really well.  I do not get all the same themes that were available to me before, but it has other benefits like stronger security with the 2-factor Authentication.  I also help my dad manage his WordPress site, which I also just ported over to, and it is so much easier to be an Administrator on multiple blogs hosted here than spread across different Hosting Plans.

My static website is now hosted on Amazon S3.  I am now in my second month of hosting, and the cost has been between $0.50 and $1.00 and month.  The setup was not that hard; it just took some configuration of an S3 bucket and a Route 53 DNS Zone.  The most expensive thing is the Route 53 at $0.50/month.

My total cost per month hovers around $1.65 (S3 + Route 53 + WordPress Custom Domain) which is like a -76% change in monthly cost from $6.95.  On top of all that, I learned a lot from the deploy experience and both sites appear to perform better than before.

I plan on writing a more in-depth blog post about launching a Static Website on Amazon S3 including giving a tutorial on a new deploy tool I wrote in Node.js called Street.js that makes deploying and updating sites in S3 buckets incredibly simple.

Site Migration